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What is Commercial Property Insurance?

Commercial Property Insurance is Building and/or Contents Insurance for Businesses that own and occupy property or for the owners of commercial property that is let out to businesses. Commercial Property Insurance often covers the usual risks (fire, flood, storm etc) but may also cover for Public Liability, Accidental Damage, Loss of Rent etc.


Who is Commercial Property Insurance suitable for?

If you have a business and own the premises or if you let out commercial space, Commercial Property Insurance is suitable for you...


I don’t own the premises, do I still need Commercial Property Insurance?

If you’re a business who lets your business premises, then certain benefits of our Commercial Property Insurance won’t apply to you. Buildings cover for example, should be insured by the owners of the Building. However, our Shop Insurance can cover Public Liability, Business Disruption and other benefits which may be suited to your business. For more information or a quote on our Shop Insurance, click here.


What is Loss of Rent Cover?

Loss of Rent can be covered under our Commercial Property Insurance and will cover the loss of the rent usually received in the event that your commercial property is damaged by flood, fire etc for the time that it is uninhabitable while it is being repaired/refurbished.

Insurance for landlords who let out either strictly Commercial Property or combined Commercial/ Residential Property. Types of cover benefits include:

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