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‡ Saxon product will cover your goods in the property for up to 35 days automatically. But if you’re away for more than 35 days at a time then no cover will be in place.

You will notice that the Saxon product does not offer any cover for a mobile phone under their student possessions insurance product. But like Cover4students they both offer a standalone mobile phone insurance product that can be purchased separately from their website that includes cover for a mobile phone up to £1,000 and includes 90 days worldwide cover as standard.

Optional Extensions


A range of optional extensions are available under both schemes some extensions will have more than one level of cover available we have just listed the maximum sum insured below to give you an illustration of what cover is available.

† Standard policy excess is £25 on Saxon Insurance policies – if you choose an optional extension for Course Fees and Rental Protection then the excess increases for this section to £100 for £10,000 cover and to £200 for £20,000 cover.

We have two Student Contents & Possessions Insurance products that you can choose from below is a comparison of the two student possessions insurance products, to help you decide, which one would suit your personal requirements.


Both Cover4students and Saxon Insurance are designed for students living in Halls of Residence or Privately Rented Accommodation including shared accommodation whether that is a shared flat or house.


They both offer:

  • Cover on a New for Old basis (except for clothing and bed linen).

  • “Walk In Theft” cover as standard, basically meaning that no forcible entry is needed and no specific lock requirements on your room. Some exclusions/restrictions may apply to certain sections – please view the relevant policy for full terms and conditions.

  • Both have low policy claim excess.



Cover4students is a product is designed to give you the power to select the cover(s) that are important to you and not pay for covers that are not relevant. With on low excess of £10 it is designed to be easy to understand.


Saxon Insurance is a policy that gives a higher level of basic cover automatically with covers such as £10,000 worth of personal possessions cover (including accidental damage). The unique feature that the Saxon product has over the Cover4students product is that it provides accidental damage cover to the landlord’s property as standard which the Cover4students product cannot offer.


Listed below are some of the key information and covers that give you an idea for comparison.


We would advise that you get a quote from both sites to see which cover best meet your needs and to view the full terms and conditions.