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is changing

We have listened to the positive feedback we have received from our customers, universities, accommodation providers, students, graduates and young professionals. The brand of cover4students clearly identified the demographic of student but did not explain that we provided a range of insurance products.

Why is changing?

The cover4students brand also became very limited and did not allow us to grow effectively with our student customers as they graduate and grow as young professional people in their chosen careers.

I have graduated – can I still insure with


The solution is to merge all of our brands under the refreshed brand of

The cover4tsudents brand also limited our development of additional insurance products to cater for an increasingly technology literate population with changing purchasing requirements and being constantly engaged with social media.


Silver surfers now account for an ever increasing percentage of facebook and social media useage.**

How do I insure my new iPhone?

I am thinking of travelling before going to university – can you provide insurance for backpackers?

Do you provide insurance for skiing holidays?

Our travel insurance solutions promoted by the brand of cover4travel has also encountered similar problems. will allow us to provide a wider range of insurance solutions, to a wider audience and still provide targeted and tailored insurance solutions our existing and future customers.


Please watch this space for further developments. We would also welcome any additional feedback so that we can continue to improve the range of products and services we provide to all of our customers.


ComScore found those aged 65 spend an average of 33 hours on-line compared to 32 for the 18-24s, and 22 hours for those aged 12-17.

Some 12.7% of those aged 55 say they used Facebook compared to 12% for the under 17s..

These are some of the questions directed at us; which have prompted the changes.

Below is a sample of the insurance products now available from