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Please note:If your instrument is not orchestral (brass, woodwind, non electrical piano or orchestral stringed instrument),

please take a look at our Musical Instrument Insurance.

If you just want to insure your orchestral instrument(s) then look no further. We can offer a standalone insurance product that will cover these items without having to take out a basic level of possessions insurance first.

Our student orchestral instrument cover is designed to cover your instrument(s) such as  violins, clarinets, saxophones etc.

This product is available to all students whether you are studying music, part of an orchestra or just play an instrument for enjoyment we can cover your orchestral instrument(s) up to £3,000.


We make it easy

You can get a quote in seconds; all we need to know is the total combined value of your orchestral instruments that you wish to insure. Cover can be taken out instantly and policy documents will be emailed to you. We also offer a 14 day cooling off period meaning if you decide for any reason that the policy does not meet your requirements within 14 days. We offer a full refund of your premium guarantee if you decide to cancel provided no claim has been made or pending.

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  • Specialist Student Insurance

  • New for Old cover

  • Low £25 claim excess

  • Cover up to £3,000

  • Instant cover available – no waiting period

All telephone purchases are subject to a £5·00 administration fee. There is an additional £2·50 fee

for paying by credit card (including prepaid cards). There is no fee for paying by debit cards.