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If you just want to insure yourself for your Tuition/Course Fees then look no further. We can offer a standalone insurance product that will cover these items without having to take out a basic level of possessions insurance first.

  • Specialist Student Insurance

  • Cover up to £20,000 in total

  • Low £50 claim excess


Why choose Cover4students for your Tuition Fees Insurance:

Now that you have booked your course and or accommodation, it’s time to think about making sure that your investment in learning is protected.


Why do I need to protect my tuition fees and rent?


Cancelling a booking, especially at the last minute or part way through, can be costly. You can usually expect to lose your deposit, but it is also becoming more common that that you would be expected to pay the whole cost of your course or tenancy agreement. After all, your booking with the University or your landlord is a legally binding contract.


So what would happen if you were unable to attend your University course, live in your accommodation if you suffered a sickness, bodily injury which resulted in your disablement?


That is where our tuition fees and rental protection cover would come in – well meet the costs of the pre-booked course fees and/or the cost of your rental agreement for your accommodation that you are contracted to pay up to the sum insured that you select.

All telephone purchases are subject to a £5·00 administration fee. There is an additional £2·50 fee

for paying by credit card (including prepaid cards). There is no fee for paying by debit cards.