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Eat Healthily On A Budget

Eating Healthy Food on a Student Budget

Cover4Students.com sees that, when at university the parents worry whether, their son(s) or daughter(s) are eating the right nutrients, or eating at all. When you're busy socialising and essay writing, or around exam time when you're focused on revising; eating well can become a bit of a low priority. We've put together the top 5 tips to advice students on how to budget and to eat healthier at university.

1. Make a list. If you've a clear idea of just what you need to buy – and have a ballpark of how much it will all cost – it will save you from that last-minute impulse purchase when you're wavering by the till.

2. Bulk Buying is your best friend. Buy items like rice, pasta, meat, oats, frozen vegetables – or anything you can freeze and will eventually use.

3. Never shop while you're hungry. Shops are laid out specifically to target you. The trolley full of biscuits and cake might delight you for a day, but the sugar rush is inevitably followed by its cousin, the less-saccharine, being in debt to your parents.


4. Stock up on Fruit and Veg Fruit makes for snacks between lectures; bananas come with their own natural wrapper. If you want to avoid putting on the pounds, you're going to need to start adding veg to every meal.

5. Buy in Season Strawberries will be pricey in December, but cheaper in July. Banana prices will stay stable as we can't grow them here. Potatoes are relatively cheap for a longer period of time. Find out what's fresh and include them on your shopping list.

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Remember: a healthy diet could help you get a better grade

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