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Freshers Week

Freshers week is a daunting time for any new student.

Many people feel mixed feelings: nervous about meeting so many new people from all over the place, worried about how difficult the course will be, sad about leaving your family and friends but it is of course, one of the most exciting times of your life.

If you're starting University later this year, you're probably wondering what it will be like and how you should prepare.

Here's our guide on what to expect from Fresher's week and what you should take with you when you move into halls.


Most universities won't make you do much academic work in the first week, however, it's a good idea to make sure you're well prepared for any lectures or seminars before you go. Use your time wisely this summer and read as much of your course material in advance.

Lots of experts in the education system say that the transition from school to college is the hardest so rest assured that you've already got the hard part out of the way and the study skills you've developed at college will stand you in good stead for your degree.


Get involved with whatever's going on in first week. Fresher's Fair is a great way to find out about all the societies and clubs at your uni, (as well as bagging a few freebies).

First impressions are key and it's important that you make an effort to get to know the people you live with during this first week.

Of course you'll get a chance to make course friends and friends from clubs and socials, but the people you live with are the people you live with, so start the year as you mean to go on and make friends in your halls.


  • Take a door stop and keep your door open while you're unpacking as people are more likely to pop in and introduce themselves this way (however don't leave your stuff unattended or it might get stolen)
  • Take vitamins in your first week and make sure you eat well: This will help avoid the dreaded Freshers Flu
  • You don't need to take essentials like toiletries, snacks etc with you. Going shopping with your new flatmates is a good way to get to know them and explore the town and local area.
  • Check to see if you have a basic insurance policy for your possessions provided with your accommodation and check to see if you need to extend the cover.


Buying a plant, a few posters or having a few things from back home around your room will help you feel more settled and help if you start feeling a bit home sick. Remember that everyone is in the same boat at Uni and this will be the first time living away from home for most students and they're all bound to get a bit homesick or lonely from time to time.

The important thing is to embrace your new social life but not forget family and friends back home; who are always just a quick phone call away.


In reality you don’t need to prepare for anything, one of the things that’s great about uni is being put out of your comfort zone, having unexpected experiences and learning from them. No matter what you get up to and who you meet, your first year at university is likely to be very busy and an exciting time, just go with the flow and be open minded to meeting all kinds of people and trying new things.

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