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Erasmus Plus

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You can apply under Erasmus+:

  • If the university or college you are registered at holds an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.
  • You are studying towards a recognised degree, up to and including the level of doctorate.
  • You are enrolled in a short-term higher vocational course, including foundation degree courses, or you could be a part-time student (but studying full-time whilst abroad).
  • Students from all academic disciplines are welcome to participate, from arts, business, sciences and humanities.

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Places To Go

Partner institutions of your UK home university/college. There are 32 possible participating countries that your university may have an agreement with. Some students may be able to travel further afield if their university has applied for funding for International Credit Mobility.


The European Commission provides eligible Erasmus+ students, with a grant — paid through your university. The grant helps cover the extra costs incurred from studying abroad. Depending on the country you choose to study in, the grant can be up to €300 to €350 a month, for the academic year 2018/19.

For students eligible for the various higher education widening participation premiums there is a monthly supplement of €120.

Visit the Erasmus+ site for more information.

If you are a student with severe disabilities or special needs you may be entitled to extra funding, to cover extra costs incurred whilst studying abroad, this must be applied for in advance leaving the UK. You should discuss these details with your home university.

Tuition Fees

You may qualify for a contribution towards your UK tuition fees, if you are a student from UK, going abroad for the whole academic year to study. This varies across the UK, you should speak with your home university's international office or Erasmus+ regarding these details.

How To Participate

You can apply through your UK home university, preferably the year before you want to take part. Please talk to your Erasmus+ or International office for more details.

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