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Study Abroad — Already Travelled

Insurance For Students Who Have Already Travelled

Study Abroad Travel Insurance If You Have Already Left The United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland.Hazardous Sports/Activities | F.A.Q's

We get a lot of student travellers who have forgotten to take out study abroad travel insurance and contact us once they have arrived at their destination

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If you’re normally resident of the UK or Republic of Ireland, you can take out any of our Study Abroad policies once you’ve started travelling, provided you meet the following criteria:

  • You have travelled abroad to study for a university degree or similar qualification.
    (This facility is only available with the Study Abroad Travel Insurance Product).
  • You are permanently resident in the UK or Republic of Ireland
  • You are registered with a Medical Practitioner (GP) in the UK or Republic of Ireland
  • You travelled within the last 4 weeks from your home country (UK/Republic of Ireland) to your destination country
  • You have no claims pending or reason to claim
  • Your trip has started and will end in your home country (UK/Republic of Ireland)
  • You are studying abroad as part of a College/University degree or similar qualification
  • You understand that there is a 14 day exclusion period once cover has been approved to cover being in place – meaning you cannot claim for any event that arises during this time for Medical Expenses and Repatriation sections of the policy.

The quickest and easiest way to book your policy is to fill out our application form by clicking here.

If the online chat facility, to the right, is active you can get immediate answers to your enquiries.

Or you can contact us on: +44 161 772 3395

The main point to note is that you can only take out the insurance on the basis that no incidents have already arisen that might give rise to a claim and you have left the United Kingdom/Republic of Ireland within the last 4 weeks.

So if you lost your camera or got ill yesterday, you can’t take out this insurance today thinking that the insurers will refund you, as they won’t!

See the endorsement related to this study abroad insurance policy: Adobe PDF click here

I have an EHIC – do I really need travel insurance?

  • Yes – an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) doesn’t necessarily mean you get free or discounted medical treatment at state run hospitals and GPs in the. It basically puts you on the same basis as a local resident in the European country you are visiting so if they pay you pay at the same rates. If it’s free for them then it is free for you.

Please note that EHIC won’t cover you for:

  • Repatriation to the UK/Republic of Ireland (which can run into the thousands)
  • New travel costs to the UK/Republic of Ireland or expenses if you trip has to be extended due to medical reasons
  • Expenses incurred by a travelling companion to remain with you while you’re in hospital beyond your expected return date
  • Personal possessions
  • Claims or delays of our return trip
  • Medical cover outside of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.
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