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If you own a thatched property then you know that you will need specialist insurance for this type of home.

Although some of the covers will be the same as a standard house insurance policy such as cover against fire, flood, storm, lightning, theft etc. you will need the specialist cover due to the increased fire risk/hazard that comes with a thatched property. Flames can spread more quickly through dry thatch than a regular slates or tiled roof causing more damage.

You need to make sure that your home is covered properly by a specialist thatch property insurance as any repairs or replacement of damage to the property would have to be carried out by specialist tradespeople.

With the most common cause of fires to a thatched property being caused by the chimney and flue, you will need to ensure that the flue is properly checked and serviced regularly in order to help prevent loss.

We would also recommend that smoke detectors and other fire prevention equipment are fitted to the property in order to help reduce the risk of damage to your thatched property.

Other steps you can take include checking the electrical wiring and installing a fireproof barrier between the thatch and the roof void or soaking the thatch in fire retardant sprays.

How to protect your thatched property from a claim


  • Do not allow:
    • Any bonfires/incinerators within 100 meters of your home
    • Old thatch or thatching to be burnt within 100 meters of your homes
    • Barbecues, fire-pits or chimneys to be burnt within 5 meters of your home
  • Don’t use any naked flames or tool producing a naked flame within 5 meters of the thatched roof.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher on each floor of your home and a fire blanket in your kitchen.
  • Each floor has a minimum of 1 smoke alarm.
  • Have your electrical wiring regularly checked. We would recommend that this is done at least every 10 years if not sooner.


  • You should ensure that your chimney is kept in a good state of repair
  • Is professionally cleaned at least twice a year. We would recommend that you do this prior to the winter period (before the end of October) and again before the end of March as the winter period comes to an end.


  • Have your thatched roof regularly inspected by a suitable qualified thatcher – we would recommend this happen at least once every 5 years.


  • Have key operated window locks to all accessible windows.


  • We would recommend that you consider installing the following security:
    1. 5 lever mortice deadlocks or locks conforming to BS3621 on all final entrance and exit doors.
    2. 5 lever mortice deadlocks or locks conforming to BS3621 or existing locks plus key operated security bolts at the top and bottom of other external doors.
    3. 5 lever mortice deadlocks or locks conforming to BS3621 or existing locks plus key operated patio door locks mounted internally on the centre rail of sliding doors.
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