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Student Gadgets Insurance

Gadgets Insurance

Student Gadget Insurance

If you just want to insure your mobile phone / smartphone & other gadgets then look no further.

We can offer a standalone insurance product that will cover your mobile phone without having to take out a basic level of possessions insurance with us.

Why choose us for Mobile Phone Insurance?

  • Specialist Student Insurance
  • 45 days worldwide cover included
  • Single or Multiple Gadget Options
  • Covers theft & accidental damage anywhere within the UK
  • Up to 15% discount if you insure more than one item

Is Your Gadget More Than 3 Years Old?

If your gadgets are older than three years, do not worry as we have another student gadgets insurance product called Essentials Insurance, where the age of the item to be insured does not matter. Click here for more information.

Try Combining Gadgets Cover With Students Contents Insurance

As a Student at University it may be cheaper to insure your gadgets as part of the contents insurance package so please obtain a student contents insurance quote as well, By combining student mobile phone & gadgets insurance with our student contents insurance not only will you save money on the cost of the insurance you will also benefit from a lower policy excess of only £10.

Policy Features

We can offer 2 different levels of cover Silver & Gold, please see cover table below:

Cover TypeSilver
Accidental LossNo
Accidental DamageYes
Cracked ScreenYes
Liquid DamageYes
Malicious DamageYes Yes
Unauthorised UseYes
45 days worldwide cover

What does the mobile phone insurance cover?

Our mobile phone insurance is designed to protect you against accidental damage, loss or theft of your mobile phone. It also provides cover if your mobile phone suffers a mechanical or electrical breakdown outside of the manufacturer's guarantee period.

  • Theft — We will replace your gadget/mobile phone, if it is stolen. For example, it may be stolen from your property following a break-in or from your person i.e. a mugging.
  • Accidental Loss — (Optional) If you accidentally lose your gadget/mobile phone then we will replace it if you have selected this cover – For example your phone may fall out of your pocket.
  • Accidental damage — We will repair or replace your gadget/mobile phone if it suffers accidental damage. For example, you may accidentally drop your gadget in a puddle.
  • Cracked screen — We will repair or replace your gadget/mobile phone if it accidentally suffers damage to the screen. For example, you may drop your phone or tablet.
  • Liquid damage — We will repair or replace your gadget/mobile phone if it accidentally suffers liquid damage – For example you may accidentally spill water on your gadget.
  • Breakdown (up to £500) — We will repair or replace your gadget/mobile phone if it is damaged as a direct result of an electrical or mechanical breakdown which occurs outside of the manufacturers guarantee period.
  • Malicious damage — We will repair or replace your gadget/mobile phone, if it is damaged as through the intentional or deliberate actions of anyone other than you or a member of your immediate family.
  • Unauthorised use (up to £250) — If your mobile phone/ gadget is accidentally lost or stolen and the loss or theft is covered by your policy, we will refund the cost of unauthorised calls, texts or downloads made after the time it was lost or stolen up to a maximum of £250 (£20 if you have a “pay as you go” mobile phone). Cover will only apply to unauthorised usage taking place within 24 hours of discovery of the loss or theft.
  • Accessories — If your claim for your gadget/mobile phone is approved, we will replace any accessories that were accidentally lost, stolen or damaged at the same time as your gadget/mobile phone, up to a maximum of £150.
  • 45 days worldwide cover — We will cover your gadgets/mobile phone that you take out of the United Kingdom for up to 45 days whilst you are abroad during any period of insurance. NB: Please note a replacement or repair can only be dealt with once you return to the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.
  • 30 day cooling off period — You have a 30 day cooling off period, in which you can cancel the policy for a full refund, providing that no claims have been made and there are no cliams pending on the policy.


If you purchase mobile phone insurance from Cover4Insurance, we will send you an email confirming your purchase of cover and provide you with your personal policy schedule, policy wording and policy summary documents.

You will also have the option for a printed copy to be sent via post subject to an additional postage premium being paid.

We also provide the option below for you to view and download the Policy Wording and Policy Summary documents so that you can view prior to purchase or at any time after.

How to view the policy documents

The policy documents are available as PDFs. To view these documents you will need a PDF reader. Download Adobe Reader from the Adobe website or visit Access Adobe for help.

To view your documents, please click on the links below.

Policies Purchased after 01/08/2019
Policies Purchased up to 01/08/2019
Adobe PDF Policy Wording
Purchased after the 01/02/2020
 Claims FormPolicy Wording Adobe PDF
Adobe PDF Policy Wording
Purchased before the 01/02/2020
Adobe PDF Policy IPIDPolicy IPID Adobe PDF
Insurance Product Information Document.


For policies purchased after 01/04/2017:

Who to Contact:

To make a claim, call the claims administrator on 0161 974 1101. Lines are open between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Fill out the online claims form here:  Claims Form

or write to:

Stream Claims Services, Copthall House, King Street, Newcastle under Lyme, ST5 1EL.

Calls may be recorded for training, compliance and fraud prevention purposes.

Things You Must Do.

You must comply with the following conditions. If you fail to do so and this affects the ability of the claims administrator to fully assess your claim or keep our losses to a minimum, we may not pay your claim or any payment could be reduced.

  • All claims must be reported to the claims administrator as soon as possible but in any event, within 14 days of you becoming aware of an incident. You must complete a claim form (in full) and provide at your own expense, any information and assistance which the claims administrator may require in establishing the amount of any payment under your insurance.
  • You must provide evidence of ownership of your gadget or mobile phone to support any claim, and any other receipts or documents that we may request. If you cannot provide evidence of ownership, your claim will not be valid.
  • All thefts must be reported to the police within 24 hours of your discovery of the incident. You must provide the claims administrator with a crime reference number.
  • If your gadget or mobile phone is lost, you must obtain a lost property reference from the police or a lost property reporting service which is accredited by the police.
  • You must report the loss or theft of your mobile phone to your Network Provider within 24 hours of the incident so they can block it and stop anyone else using it.
  • If your gadget or mobile phone is damaged, you must provide the gadget or mobile phone for inspection and repair.

For policies purchased before 01/04/2017:

To start the claims process you must:

  • Notify the claims administrator on 0207 851 702 as soon as possible in any event or any incident likely to give rise to a claim under this insurance;
  • Report the theft or accidental loss of any mobile phone within 24 hours of discovery and to your airtime provider and blacklist your handset;
  • Report the theft or accidental loss of any mobile phone to the Police within 24 hours of discovery and obtain a crime reference number in support of a theft and a lost property number in support of an accidental loss claim;
  • Provide details of the claim and any other contract, guarantee, warranty or insurance that may apply to the loss including but not limited to household insurance. Where appropriate a rateable proportion of the claim may be recovered direct from these insurers.
  • Provide original proof of purchase of the mobile phone or digital downloads for which you are claiming. This shall include any receipts, documents or any other proof of purchase that is reasonable for us or the claims administrator to request.

If we replace the mobile phone he damage or lost mobile phone becomes ours. If it is returned or found you must notify us and send it to us if we ask you to.

Other Gagets

The product will allow you to cover up to 5 gadgets (including your mobile phone) under one product. For example you may also wish to insure one or two of the following:

iPhonesLaptopsNetbooksCamera LensMac books
(excluding iPhones)
Digital camerasSat navsiPods
mp3 player’s
Mobile Phone
(excluding iPhones)
Video camerasBlue tooth headsetsKindle

Cover includes:

TheftBreakdown coverAccessories
Accidental damageMalicious damageDigital download
Accidental lossFraudulent call useCover anywhere in the world up to 45 days


My gadget was purchased outside of the UK can I still insure it?
No, unfortunately we can only cover gadgets that have been purchased within the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

My gadget is second hand, can I still insure it?
We cannot insure second hand items unless you purchased it as a refurbished item directly from the manufacturer or Network Provider. Second hand items that are not refurbished cannot be covered. We cannot cover items purchased at auction or from an online auction website.

Is cover available immediately?
No—A 30 day exclusion period applies to your insurance. This means that you are unable to claim:

  • Within the first 30 days of the policy start date. If you renew your policy for a further 12 months, the exclusion period does not apply at renewal.
  • Within the first 30 days of adding a gadget and/or mobile phone to your policy or replacing an existing gadget and/or mobile phone. If you add a gadget or mobile phone to your policy, the exclusion period only applies to the gadget or mobile phone which is added.

Is cover on a new for old basis?
No, this is a replacement only policy and is not a replacement as new policy. We will attempt to replace your gadget or mobile phone with an identical new or fully refurbished gadget or mobile phone of the same age and condition, but it may not be the same colour.

Can I make multiple claims?
Yes—We will pay a maximum of 2 claims during any one period of insurance.

My gadget is over 12 months old can this be covered?
Yes, providing it is less than 36 months old with a valid proof of purchase (not from online auctions) when the cover for it under your policy begins.

Does the policy cover my gadget outside of the UK?
Yes, you are automatically covered for your gadget anywhere within the world for up to 45 days per year.

Can I pay by instalments?
No, this policy is only payable as a one off payment.

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