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Study Abroad

Students Travelling Abroad To Study

If you're a student studying abroad you'll need insurance to cover your property and medical expenses whilst away from the UK.

Cover Includes:

  • Emergency medical expenses & repatriation cover – 24hrs a day 365 days per year.
  • Course / tuition fees covered.
  • You can make unlimited return trips with the premier plus policy (limited to 2 return trips with the standard and premier products), back to your home in the UK/Republic of Ireland, during the insured period for up to 21 days at a time.
  • Personal possessions cover.
  • We offer 3 different cover types Standard, Premier and Premier Plus so that you can choose the cover that best suits your needs.
  • Extend cover to include cover for your laptop computers.
  • With over 50 sports & activities covered as standard and optional cover for the more hazardous sports and activities, more info.
  • You can extend the cover to cover certain sports scholarships.
    Type of scholarship
    Athletics scholarship
    Basketball scholarship
    Football/Soccer scholarship
    Golf scholarship
    Handball scholarship


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Watching your children flee the nest is a tough time for any parent. There is usually conflict between the urge to protect them and ensuring they are well prepared; and the need to grant them their autonomy and cut (or loosen) the apron strings. Moving away from home for the first time and living in a different city incurs a speedy learning curve for most students. However an increasing number are choosing to study abroad as part of their degree and this presents new challenges that can be daunting for student and parent alike.

The Erasmus Programme has been funding students to go abroad since 1987 and in recent years, has seen a surge of interest from UK students. It appears that more students are beginning to appreciate the benefits that studying outside of the UK: not only does it offer experience of another culture, but it is also a great way to enhance the student’s CV. In an increasingly competitive job market, the guts, the proficiency in another language, a broadened cultural awareness and capacity to get on with different people that come with living in another country, are all valuable qualities that can set a student apart and are good first steps in the direction of an international career.

Though Erasmus students do not pay tuition fees to their host university, and fees at their home university are often minimal; for many students financial concerns are an obstacle when considering applying to go away. Living on a budget can be a challenge for any student and those in a foreign country without insider knowledge of how to live cheaply may find managing their finances difficult. Plus there are plenty of other worries from how to find safe accommodation out there to what to do about health care. For parents who don’t want to interfere, but want to know that their child is covered should something go wrong; Cover 4 Travel have developed an insurance policy especially designed for UK students studying abroad. The policies include trips back home, personal possessions, laptops and cover for course fees that traditional travel insurance policies exclude.

Michael Masterson, client services manager at Cover4Travel said: When you are in an unfamiliar country you are more vulnerable than when you are at home. Students who go to study abroad often take valuable items with them and can be a target for thieves, especially when they first arrive. Some travel policies can cover personal possessions to a certain amount but are designed mainly for people going on holiday; if you’re son or daughter is going away for months, you want to know that they have the right cover in place and that if something goes wrong you don’t need to worry.

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Grade refers to the Hazardous Sports & Activities Grades which you must select to cover the type of sports scholarship you are receiving.

Table Of Benefits


Cover Limit (per person) Excess
Number of Return trips to Ireland
Up to a maximum of 21 days per return trip
Cancellation & Curtailment £1,500 £3,000 £5,000 £100 (£25 LOD)
Course Fees £1,000 £2,000 £5,000 £100
Emergency Medical Expenses & Repatriation £5,000,000 £10,000,000 £15,000,000 £100
Repatriation £500,000 £2,000,000 £2,500,000 £100
DentalTreatment £200 £200 £400 £100
Burial Costs/ BodyRepatriation £5,000 £5,000 £5,000 Nil
Hospital Benefit £15 for each complete 24hr period up to £150 £15 for each complete 24hr period up to £300 £30 for each complete 24hr period up to £600 Nil
Personal Possessions £1,500 £2,000 £2,500 £100
Single item limit £200 £250 £350
Valuables limit £200 £300 £350
Travel Documents £100 £150 £500 £100
PersonalMoney £150 £200 £500 £100
Cash Limit £150 £150 £200
Personal Accident £15,000 £20,000 £30,000 Nil
Loss of Limbs or Sight £15,000 £20,000 £30,000
Permanent Total Disablement £15,000 £20,000 £30,000
Death Benefit £5,000 £7,000 £10,000
Missed Departure £350 £500 £750 £100
Delayed Departure No Cover £20 for each full 12hr delay up to £200 £40 for each full 12hr delay up to £400 Nil
Personal Liability £1,000,000 £2,000,000 £3,000,000 £250
Legal Expenses £10,000 £15,000 £30,000 Nil
Limit in respect of additional accommodation & travel expenses £1,000 £1,000 £1,000 Nil
Financial Failure of a Scheduled Airline No Cover £3,000 £5,000 £100
Computer Equipment and Computer Accessories £750 £1,000 £3,000 £100
Single item limit £500 £750 £1,000
Computer accessories £150 £200 £250

What are the Geographical Definitions?

• United Kingdom:

England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

• Europe:

The continent of Europe west of the Ural Mountains, Madeira, Canary Islands, Iceland, the Azores, Mediterranean Islands, and Non-European countries bordering the Mediterranean (except Algeria, Lebanon, Libya and Israel).

• Worldwide (Excluding USA, Canada & The Caribbean):

All countries excluding the USA, Canada and the Caribbean

• Worldwide (including USA, Canada & The Caribbean):

All countries including the USA, Canada and the Caribbean

Which countries can I travel to?

It depends on the option you have selected.

Europe or Worldwide

Please see area definition below for countries you can visit:

◊ Europe:

The continent of Europe west of the Ural Mountains, Madeira, Canary Islands, Iceland, the Azores, Mediterranean Islands, and Non-European countries bordering the Mediterranean (except Algeria, Lebanon, Libya and Israel).

◊ Worldwide (excluding the USA, Canada and the Caribbean):

All countries excluding the USA, Canada and the Caribbean.

◊ Worldwide (including the USA, Canada and the Caribbean):

All countries including the USA, Canada and the Caribbean.

Can my friend and I be covered under the same study abroad travel insurance policy?

• No — Study abroad policies are for one traveller only.

How old must I be to take out the study abroad insurance?

You must be aged between 18 & 39 years at the time of departure.

Are there any age limits on the policy?

• Yes — This policy is only available to persons aged 18-39 years at the time of departure.

Is there a maximum age limit on the Study Abroad travel policy?

• Yes — you must be age between 18-39 years at the time of departure.

How far in advance can I purchase my study abroad travel policy?

You are able to purchase our study abroad product up to six months
prior to your travel start date.

You will automatically be covered for cancellation from the day of

Does the policy include cover for all pre-existing medical condition?

• No — The policy excludes coverage in respect of certain

Please read pre-existing medical conditions below to see if your
condition is covered or excluded.

Please note it may be possible to cover the condition by
contacting the Medical Pre-Screening Company.

What medical conditions do you need to know about when taking out a study abroad travel insurance policy?

At the time of taking out this policy, have you or any other person including a relative, travelling companion or
close business associate:

1 Any respiratory condition (relating to the lungs or breathing) cardiovascular condition (any condition
relating to the heart, arteries, veins or blood pressure), stroke or cancer for which you have ever
received treatment (Including surgery, tests or investigations by your doctor or a consultant/specialist
and prescribed drugs medication).

2 Any pre-existing for which you have received surgery, in patient treatment or investigations in a hospital
clinic within the last six months.

3 Any pre-existing medical condition for which you are on a waiting list for or have knowledge of the need
for surgery, in-patient treatment or investigation at a hospital, clinic or nursing home.

4 Any pre-existing, medical condition you are aware of but for which you have not had a diagnosis.

5 Any pre-existing medical condition for which you have received a terminal prognosis.

If you have answered Yes to any of the above you must contact the medical pre-screening company in order to
arrange cover for that pre-existing medical condition on 0844 879 8394. Medical Screening opening times
are 9 am till 5pm Monday to Saturday.

Please note: Failure to advise the medical pre-screening company of a pre-existing condition will result in claims for those undisclosed conditions not being paid.

Medical pre-screening have approved my condition — what happens now?

If this insurance is extended to include any pre-existing
medical conditions, an endorsement will be issued confirming the terms
under which cover has been provided.

This endorsement must be kept with your policy documents and produced
in the event of a claim or incident that may give rise to a claim.

Please note that you should have also received/booked a policy from us “cover4travel” to accompany the medical endorsement.

Can I buy the study abroad travel insurance if I am not a student?

• No — To be eligible for this insurance you must be a resident of the
UK or the Republic of Ireland, who is studying abroad for a
college / university degree or similar course.

Can I buy the study abroad travel insurance if I am not a UK or Republic of Ireland resident?

• No — This policy is only available to residents of the UK or Republic of
Ireland who are registered with a medical practitioner.

To be a resident of a country, your main home must be in that country and
you must not have been abroad for more than six months in the last year.

Can I arrange study abroad insurance if I have already left the UK or Republic of Ireland?

• No — This policy can only cover trips that start and end in the UK or
start and end in the Republic of Ireland.

What is a UK or Republic of Ireland resident defined as?

Under this policy we define a UK / Republic of Ireland resident as, a
person who has their main home within the UK / Republic of Ireland
and has not been abroad for more than six months within the last year.

The person must also be registered with a medical practitioner within the
UK / Republic of Ireland.

How do I make a claim on my study abroad travel insurance policy?

A When you return home:
If you need to make a claim you must contact us within 31
  days of your return to the UK / Republic of Ireland:
By telephoning our claims team: +44 (0)1733 224 892.
Lines are open: Monday to Friday from 9am till 5pm.
When contacting our claims team please have the following
  information to hand as we will require it to process your
Master policy reference of:
Details of where you purchased your policy:
Your policy number
Date trip purchased for your policy.
Trip booking details
Actual or intended travel dates
Incident date
Brief circumstances of your claim
Value of your claim.
Please note: That your claim may be delayed if you are unable
    to advise us on the above information.

B While you are away:
In the event of you incurring medical expenses in excess of
  £250, or being involved in an accident, being admitted to
  hospital, the Emergency Assistance Service must be
  advised as soon as possible by calling:  +44 (0) 1733 224 845.
The Emergency Assistance Service is available 24 hours
  a day 365 days a year.

C Returning early to the UK / Republic of Ireland.
If you have to return early to the UK / Republic of Ireland
  under Section Cancellation & Curtailment or Emergency
  Medical Expenses & Repatriation our Emergency
  Assistance Service must authorise this.
If they do not, this could mean that the insurer will not
  provide cover or they may reduce the amount they pay for
  your return to the UK.

What should I do if an item is stolen while I am away?

You must report the incident to the local police within 24 hours of
 discovery and obtain an official written report.

What should I do if I have a medical emergency whilst I am abroad?

You should contact our Emergency Assistance Service as soon as

They are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year and can be
 contacted by calling: ◊ +44 (0)1733 224 892.

Can I return home during the cover period?

• Yes — All study abroad polices include an entitlement to two return
 visits to the UK / Republic of Ireland before the ended return date
 (policy expiry date) of the trip, up to a maximum of 21 days per
 return trip.

Cover is suspended from the time the Insured arrives at their
 arrival point in the UK and starts again when the Insured leaves the
 immigration control at the UK airport/port on their return to their
 place of study abroad.

How do I amend my policy?

Please telephone our help centre on 0844 826 2031.*

Office opening times are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm excluding
 public holidays.

If you would prefer a call back then please email us at
 info@cover4insurance.com stating the following information:
Your policy number
Required change
Preferred contact time (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm excluding public

Can I extend my study abroad cover to include laptop computer cover?

• Yes — Simply select computer equipment cover in stage 1 of the
  quote process and this will cover your computer equipment
  up to £750 (Single item of £500) on Standard policies or
  up to £1,000 (Single item of £750) on Premier polices.

How do I cancel my policy?

If after reading this policy document you decide the terms of the
 insurance do not meet your requirements you will have 14 days to
 cancel it, starting on the day you receive your documentation.

Provided that a claim does not exist and that travel has not taken

To cancel your policy you should email us at
 info@cover4insurance.com from the account that we have sent
 policy confirmation to, with the following information:
You wish to cancel your policy.
Policy Number.
Insured Name.
State if there are any claims made or pending on the policy.
Where possible provide a reason for cancellation.
  This will help us improve our product offering.

I have returned early from my trip and would like to cancel my policy. Do I get a refund?

• No — If you have travelled no refund will be due.

Can I cancel my policy and claim a refund outside the 14 day cooling off period?

You may cancel you policy, but no refund would be due outside the
 14 day cooling off period.

What is a policy excess?

Under most sections of the policy, claims will be subject to an
 excess per section of cover and per incident.

This means that you will be responsible for the first part of the
 claim. If you claim under more than one section if the policy, you
 will have to pay an excess for each section.

Do I need to take my policy on my trip?

• Yes — You should take your policy with you and make a note of
 your policy number.

You should also leave details of your policy and policy number with
 someone at home in case of emergency.

I am under 18 can I buy this policy?

• No — You must be aged between 18 to 39 years at the time of
 departure in order to purchase this insurance.

I have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) do I still need Travel Insurance?

• Yes — You still need a travel insurance policy, the EHIC card is not
  a substitute for travel insurance.
Whilst it is very useful, it is only for medical cover.
  Travel insurance will also cover you for things like
  cancellation, travel delay, repatriation to the UK, baggage
  and personal effects — depending on the type of policy
  you purchase.
Using the EHIC doesn’t always mean free treatment you
  may still have to pay for all or part of your treatment.
  This is where your travel insurance policy kicks in – if your
  claim for medical expenses has been reduced by more than
  your excess due to you using an EHIC or private medical
  insurance the excess under section Emergency Medical
  Expenses & Repatriation will not apply.
While emergency treatment in the UK tends to be on the
  NHS, don’t assume this type of cover will be available when
  you are away you may well be taken to a private hospital.
If you are travelling to countries within the European Union (EU),
   the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, you are
   advised to obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from
   your local post office.
You can also apply online through www.dh.gov.uk/travellers or by
   telephoning 0845 606 2030. This will entitle you to benefit from the
   reciprocal healthcare arrangement which exists between countries
   within the EU/EEA or Switzerland.

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