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Important Notice For Saxon Insurance Customers

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Saxon Insurance is part of a Group of trading styles from UK & Ireland Insurance Services (Online) Limited.

UK & Ireland Insurance (Online) Limited group are simplifying how our trading styles are organised. As a result, the Saxon Insurance range of products and its website have been removed from the market.

How Does This Affect Me?

  • If you are a current policy holder then your policy will remain unchanged until expiry. Importantly, there will be no changes to your policy terms and conditions.
  • At expiry you will no longer be able to renew your Saxon policy and will have to look for an alternative product. We will email you at the time to remind you that you will need to purchase an alternative cover.

Alternative cover

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Cover4Insurance, which is another trading style of UK & Ireland Insurance Services (Online) Limited provide similar products to Saxon for:

Here are some answers to questions we think you may have in respect of the scheme.

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  1. Do I need to do anything?
    No action is required at the moment, your policy will just continue as normal until renewal. At renewal we will contact you again to let you know that your cover is due to expire and that you will need to find and alternative product. We may provide you with links to alternative products, but you will not be able to renew your current Saxon product.
  2. Why are you telling me about these changes?
    As a customer of Saxon Insurance, we are letting you know about the changes so that you can raise any question you may have by calling our customer services team on 0161 772 3390 (Monday to Friday between 9am & 5pm except for public holidays) or emailing us at customerservices@saxoninsurance.com
  3. Why are you making these changes?
    Simplifying our group structure will enable us to run our business more efficiently and more effectively. Bringing together the business of several trading styles into one area making better use of our resources.
  4. Will the terms and conditions of my policy change?
    No, your policy terms and conditions will remain the same until the policy expiry date. Your policy number & policy documents will all remain the same.
  5. What changes will I notice in the future?
    You will not be able to renew the policy and will need to look for an alternative cover if required.
  6. Can I still make a claim on my Saxon Insurance Policy?
    Yes, there is no change to your policy terms and conditions.
    To begin the claims process you will first need to download our claim form and return this to us.
    Download Claims Form
    You can also contact our claims team by calling 01422 238 530.
  7. Can I make changes to my Saxon Insurance Policy?
    Yes, you will just need to contact our customer services team: Office opening times are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (except public holidays)
  8. Who are Cover4Insurance?
    Cover4Insurance is another trading style of UK & Ireland Insurance Services (Online) Limited. It has been decided that this trading style and product offerings is more fitting / in tune to the Saxon Insurance target market.
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