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Block Halls


If you’re living in halls or university accommodation, you may already have some insurance cover in place. Campus Block Halls insurance provides group contents and possessions insurance to cover students living in accommodation managed by universities, colleges, housing associations and specialist student accommodation providers.

Check Your Cover

Your accommodation provider has arranged some contents insurance, inside your room, with us at cover4students. You can check what is covered, by clicking the block halls quote button and selecting your accommodation from the list.

Accommodation Providers — Block Schemes

If you are a university, private sector accommodation provider, boarding school or landlord with multiple properties and are interested in setting up a block halls student contents insurance scheme for your student residents.

We can arrange a quote for you, click the button to request a quote.


The standard student contents insurance cover tends to insure your personal possessions & computer equipment on a new for old basis against:

  • Theft (whether or not someone physically breaks into your property)
  • Fire
  • Burst pipes
  • Storm
  • Vandalism
  • Flood
  • Explosion
  • Lighting

In the event of a claim, items will be replaced on a new for old basis regardless of age or condition except clothing, linen and rented household goods where a deduction for wear and tear may be made.

The insurance for students cover commences at the start of you tenancy agreement for personal possessions (or when your proposal is accepted, if later for optional extensions) and finishes when your tenancy agreement expires. You will then be responsible for arranging your own student contents insurance.

You may wish to look at the optional extensions if you require insurance cover for items outside of the property or have valuable items such as mobile phones, musical instruments, jewellery etc.

Important: We strongly recommend that you read your student insurance policy documents, fully, for your individual accommodation provider. These details can be found by selecting your "Accommodation Provider" below.

Is my University/ Accommodation covered?

If you're living in accommodation provided by your university and they have already arranged a basic level of student contents insurance cover under the Blockhalls insurance with Cover4Students, then you should receive a copy of the insurance documents or a summary leaflet in your welcome pack. They may also have links to our documents of insurance on their website.

You can check if your University/ Accommodation Provider has taken out the student contents insurance cover under the Campus Blockhalls Insurance scheme by selecting their name from the list below.

Don't worry if your University/Accommodation provider is not listed. We can still provide you with Students' Personal Possessions Insurance at a great price.

If you're living in Halls of Residence, our Student Possessions Insurance starts from just £15* per year.

*£15 annual premium includes Insurance Premium Tax and is only available online. Premium based on Personal Possessions/ Desktop Computer cover up to £2,000.

If you don't want to insure all your personal possessions or just want to look to insure your mobile phone or course fees, then please click the "Standalone Covers" to find a range of specialist student insurance porducts.

Block Halls Schemes

For Student Accommodation Providers—For Student Contents and Possessions Insurance

The Cover 4 Students Insurance policy, a product and trading style of UK & Ireland, has been insuring students, graduates and young professionals for over 25 years and is chosen by several of the UK’s leading educational establishments and private sector accommodation providers to insure their residents.

Over the years Cover 4 Students has developed a reputation as being an innovative market leader, providing both block halls of residence insurance schemes to universities and accommodation providers alongside personal possessions policies for individual students, graduates and young professionals.

We make sure our possessions cover remains relevant in todays market, our premiums are competitive and provide the best possible customer service experience to all our customers.

We have recently experienced significant growth in the number of accommodation providers automatically including our block possessions policy for their residents. This mirrors  the increasing expectations of tenants, who look at added value services when choosing their accommodation provider.

Request a quote today to see how much it would cost to add this valued added service to your accommodation offering.

Existing Block Halls Schemes

  • Anglia Ruskin University
  • Bath University
  • Brunel University
  • Chapter Living
  • Edinburgh University
  • Lancaster University
  • Newcastle University
  • University of the West of England

This is a cross section of the universities that have chosen cover4students, to supply their student residents with a basic contents insurance package.

There is also provision for the students to extend the master policy to suit their particular requirements.


Of choosing cover4students insurance to insure your residents

  • New for old cover—Possessions are, in most cases, replaced as new in the event of a claim.
  • Low claim excess—The excess levels can be flexible and structured to your budgets and requirements. Your residents will be required to pay as little as £10 per claim.
  • High item & group limits—The cover provided is comprehensive and not restricted by low single item and group limits.
  • Your own website—We will build you a dedicated website. This provides your residents with access to comprehensive cover details, advice on claims and the ability to extend cover at any time. Also included are your own branded brochures, explaining cover levels, optional extensions available and claims procedures, to hand out to the students in your welcome packs and online as a PDF.
  • Award winning claims handling—Our pro-active approach to claims helps to reduce the length of time taken to process each claim and has led to our loss adjusters winning several insurance industry awards during the last few years.
  • Professional account management—We act in a professional, friendly and courteous manner at all times. From initial discussions to final policy implementation, you will enjoy one-to-one contact with the same individuals who understand your business and its philosophy, and who are always available to help should you need advice.

Who we are & What we do

UK & Ireland are committed to providing innovative insurance products and risk management services. For business and personal needs, we provide immediate and long-term solutions.

As an independent operator, we can select from a portfolio of products offered by a range of insurance companies, creating tailor-made products to match your requirements.

Working with you

We build close, caring partnerships based on mutual trust and a total understanding of your insurance needs. From initial discussions to final policy implementation, you will enjoy one-to-one contact with the same individuals who know your business and its philosophy, and who are always available to provide advice. Our service is enhanced by strong three-way partnerships between you, ourselves and the insurance company chosen to provide your protection.

A Fresh Approach

For all your insurance requirements, you’ll find that UK & Ireland offer a fresh, innovative approach. Our in-depth knowledge of the market and technological developments gives us a competitive edge — and our dedication to client relationships ensures that you will receive the very best in personal, caring and professional services.

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