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Understanding Cybercrime

In order to help you navigate the world of cybercrime, we have gathered some myths surrounding the area of cybercrime and debunked them.
From: Cyber Myths Busted Our Blog.


Dealing With Home Sickness

Most people will have felt homesick at some time in their lives, perhaps when they were younger, and it is easy to forget just how overwhelming it can be. Beginning life at university naturally generates both excitement and anxiety about the move, academic work, meeting new people.
From: Dealing With Homesickness Our Blog.


Advice For International Students

The first few weeks- When you arrive in the UK you'll find lots of support to help you settle in. Most UK schools, colleges and universities hold a welcome event for international students, with a speech by a member of staff and a meal or party. This is a great way to get to know other people who – like you – are new to the UK.
From: Advice For International Students Our Blog.


Top 10 Tips Of What To Do When You Arrive At University

When arriving at University, there is no doubt it feels like a daunting experience. Knowing some handy tips to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed at University can go a long way.
From: What To Do When You Arrive At University Our Blog.


Moving in to your Student House: The Checklist

If you haven't got contents insurance get it now. You'll need cover for the contents of your room and (possibly) separate cover or premiums for high risk items like laptops, iPads/tablets, mobile phones and bikes.
From: Moving In Checklist Our Blog.


Cover4Insurance Launches New Personal Cyber Insurance

Cybercrime, or crime undertaken online via means of a computer or the internet, is now one of the fastest growing crimes in the UK.
From: Cover4Insurance Launches New Personal Cyber Insurance Our Blog.

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