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Unoccupied Property Insurance

Unoccupied Property Insurance

Unoccupied Property Insurance covers properties that are:

  • To be sold
  • Awaiting letting
  • Pending probate settlement
  • To be owner-occupied

Who can take out this cover?

Our unoccupied property insurance is suitable for all residential properties which are left empty including ones that are undergoing works. It doesn't matter if they are to be let or owner-occupied after the work is completed.

You may be interested in this product if you are one of the following:

  • A residential landlord who is awaiting a new tenant(s)
  • You are renovating an empty property (including structural works)
  • Executors of a property, in probate
  • You have brought an empty property at auction
  • You are selling a property and it is left empty while awaiting sale
  • You're a homeowner who is taking an extended holiday - for example on a gap year
  • You are working away from home for more than 45 consecutive days leaving the property empty

What levels of cover do you offer?

We offer 3 different levels of cover for you to choose from

Level 1

  • Fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake or aircraft
  • Subsidence, ground heave or landslip (unless excluded at the quote stage)
  • £100 excess increasing to £1,000 for subsidence claims
  • Property owners liability cover up to £5,000,000

Level 2

  • All level 1 covers
  • Plus limited cover for theft, malicious damage and escape of water up to £2,500

Level 3

  • All level 1 covers
  • Plus cover for theft, malicious damage and escape of water


Question: Can I switch the policy to a general household policy mid-term?

Answer: Yes, we are able to change the policy across to a normal household policy once it is occupied.

Question: Can I switch the policy to an occupied let property policy mid-term?

Answer: Yes, if you let the property we can transfer the policy across to our let property insurance.

Question: Can you cover short term periods?

Answer: Yes our policy is flexible and can cover for 3, 6 or 12 month periods

Question: Can you cover property while it is being renovated?

Answer: Yes, we can cover most unoccupied properties undergoing works including redecoration, redevelopment, restoration, extensions, renovations etc. We also have flexible limits to the value of the works being undertaken. - please click here for a quote for Unoccupied Property Undergoing Works

Question: Do you cover malicious damage by a tenant?

Answer: Yes, but you will need to have selected cover level 2 or 3 as it is excluded under level 1 cover.

Question: Do you cover the escape of water?

Answer: Yes, you will need to have select cover level 2 or 3. to get cover for the escape of water. It is excluded under level 1 cover.

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