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At Cover4insurance we are always looking at ways we can develop our insurance products, to match the insurance requirements of our customers.

From feedback gathered over a number of years, it is clear that, as a result of numerous factors, not all wish to insure all their personal possessions under one all-encompassing policy.

Whatever the reason we designed our essentials insurance product cover to match these needs. We can now offer a flexible insurance policy so that you can insure as many or as few items as you wish.

So whether it's the latest gadget, mobile phone or laptop we can cover it.

Why choose Cover4Insurance?

  • Specialist Insurance Provider
  • New for Old cover
  • Single or Multiple Cover Options
  • Covers your items for theft & accidental damage anywhere within the UK
  • Instant cover available
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Policy Options

Our essentials insurance product has been designed so that you can just cover your essential items if you do not wish to take out a full contents & possessions policy. Our options include:

We make it easy

You can get an essentials insurance quote in seconds; With a flat rating structure it means that it is the same rate wherever you live in the UK, whether that’s London, Cardiff, Edinburgh or Belfast its all the same. So in order to get a price all we need to know is the section you wish to insure and the amount of cover you require. Essentials insurance can be taken out instantly and policy documents will be emailed to you, we also offer a 14 day cooling off period, meaning if you decide for any reason that the essentials insurance policy does not meet your requirements, within the first 14 days after purchase. We offer a full refund of your essentials insurance premium if you decide to cancel provided no claim has been made or pending – so don’t delay, get cover today.

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Policy Documents

Essentials Insurance Quote


To start the claims process, please complete the Claims Form provided below. Before submitting your claim, please read your policy schedule to make sure you are covered and have a valid claim.

Fill out the online claims form here:  Claims Form

Phone: 0161 974 1101


Cover4insurance Claims Team, Stream Claim Solutions,
60 Spring Gardens, Manchester, M2 2BQ.

If you have a valid claim please complete our online claim form listed above and return it along with:

  • Receipts, bills, valuations or repair estimates as appropriate for all claims for loss or damage.
  • Full details of accident or injury and early prognosis for personal accident claims.

All claims for theft or loss must be reported to the police.

In some cases we may arrange either for a member of our staff or an independent chartered loss adjuster to discuss your claim with you. This is not always necessary but when it is we will advise you of the name and address of the loss adjuster and monitor progress of the claim for you.

Please don’t worry if we arrange for a loss adjuster or member of staff to visit you. It is a normal claims procedure and aims to speed up consideration of claims.

Certain types of claims will be considered directly by the insurers if refereed to them by cover4insurance.com.

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