Smart Luggage Travel Insurance

Smart Luggage

Award-winning Insurance policy that pays £500 for lost luggage – straight into your bank and right when you need it.

We’ve all been there – the dreaded wait at the airport for your luggage to arrive, wondering why yours always seems to be the last case off the carousel.

Unfortunately, they don’t always arrive as expected – in fact, more than 9.9 million items were mishandled by the travel industry in 2021.

What is Smart Luggage?

  • Real-time payments straight into your bank or PayPal account of choice.
  • Receive £50 if your luggage is delayed and cannot be located at your destination airport.
  • If your luggage is deemed lost after 48 hours receive an additional £500.
  • Parametric Insurance policy.
  • No lengthy claims form.
  • Included on all Just Travel gold Travel Insurance policies.
  • Available to buy separately or add on to Just Travel bronze or silver policies from just £3.

Terms and Conditions apply. Flights must be registered at least 24 hours before the date of travel. All claims must be made within 48 hours of acquiring knowledge of the delay or loss. Check your policy wording for more information.

How is this different to baggage cover on Travel Insurance?

You can only make a claim for lost luggage on your Travel Insurance, typically after 21days. This is due to majority of airlines not declaring an item of luggage lost until the 22nd day.

With Smart Luggage, an item is deemed lost after 48hours of it not arriving at your destination airport and you receive payment to buy those essential items, directly into your bank.

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