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Halls of Residence

Living in Halls of Residence

When you’re living in a halls of residence, it’s easy to forget about insurance and think the security measures (cctv or key fob entry) will be enough to protect you from theft.

With cover4students you can protect your belongings from life's ups and downs.

With benefits such as:

  • Theft (including 'Walk-In-Theft').
  • Fire.
  • Flood (including leaks from pipes or machinery).
  • Low £10 Claim Excess
  • £5,000 Cover for Tenant's Liability for Landlord's Property as Standard.
  • Optional Accidental Damage to Landlords Property / Tenant's Liability up to £10,000 — Including Accidental Damage to the Landlord's Fixtures, Fittings & Furniture.

Already covered by insurance?

If you already have student possessions insurance, but require extra cover we have a range of standalone insurance products specially designed for students.

These include:

  • Tuition fees & rent protection (up to £20,000).
  • Pedal cycle insurance (up to £3,000).
  • Mobile phone insurance.
  • Laptop insurance.
  • Tablet insurance.
  • Musical instruments insurance.
  • Click here for more information.

Things to think about whilst in halls of residence during your accademic years

Many students end up leaving their belongings in communal areas or will leave their bedroom door unlocked when they go to a friend’s room. Clearly there are no guarantees that another student won’t take their items or that a thief won’t follow somebody into the building.

A lot of our most valuable items students own are portable (e.g. laptops, phones, tablets, jewellery, watches etc) and are taken around with them; whether it’s to University, the library or travelling home with them on the train. Having possessions insurance to cover your items is important. No matter where you’re living- nowhere is risk free.

We know insurance isn’t fun. There are plenty more enjoyable things you could be doing with your money however, you might be surprised how cheap it is and paying for insurance now will be a lot cheaper than having to pay to replace your possessions if they’re stolen or damaged. Our Campus Contents and Possessions Insurance can cover you for theft, fire, flood and accidental damage to your possessions.
As well as covering you for items that you take around with you.

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