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Renting a Property

10 Safety Tips When Looking For A Place To Rent

When renting a house you always want to ensure you are getting the best deal. Surprisingly you can help yourself get the best deal by following some simple steps. Before viewing the houses imagine how you would want the house to look, and what safety procedures you would like in place. Then when viewing the house you can take a check list to see if the house meets your needs.

Here are the top 10 tips on what to consider when renting a house:

  1. Be sure to visit the house in broad daylight, that way you can get a full overview of the house and its surroundings. Also view the house with friends as they may see something good/bad that you do not.
  2. Consider the location of the house. If you're new to an area its a good idea to do some research on the area and surrounding areas. You can often find recent crime rates online.
  3. Check that there is a working alarm in place.
  4. Ensure the windows have locks, and can never be left opened.
  5. Make sure the external doors are solid, and preferably without glass panels.
  6. Does the front door have a spy hole and a door chain? If not consider requesting one.
  7. Are security lights fitted around the property to alert you of anyone approaching the property that shouldn’t be.
  8. Does the front and back garden have secure lockable gates? (Ideal that the back gate has a lock).
  9. Ensure the doors have 5 lever thumb turn mortise locks; this is increased security and safety on the property to protect your valuables.
  10. Are the bedroom doors fitted with locks, and can you open from the inside?
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