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Ski Season—Things To Know

10 things you’ll learn on a ski season.

  1. You aren’t as good a skier/boarder as you originally thought.
  2. Everyone else’s job sounds cooler
  3. You will inevitably lose a ski, glove, sunglasses or even your dignity.
  4. Seasonaire discount is the only thing keeping you financially afloat.
  5. Your room mate/bunk mate will become your long lost sister/brother.
  6. Mountain flu will at some point take over your life.
  7. No matter how many seasons you do there you will never fully know the lingo.
  8. You can function on a lot less sleep than you originally thought.
  9. 80% of season romances are doomed from the offset.
  10. Skiing is not exercise and you’re probably going to come home 3 stone heavier.

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