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Student Bank Account

Top Tips for Choosing the Right Student Bank Account

When you're at University, managing your spending and finding the best deal is more important than ever.

Cover4students have done some research, to find out what the best bank accounts are for students. Most of the major banks offer some incentives to join and some great rates on overdrafts and student credit cards.

Here are a few offers/ low interest rates offered to new students:

1.Santander is offering a free Young Person's Railcard (16-25), worth £30 a year which lasts four years. The account comes with a £1,500 interest free overdraft for the first three years and 1pc interest on balances of up to £500.

2.HSBC interest-free overdraft is up to £3,000 in the first year. Students earn 2pc interest on balances of up to £1,000 for a year.

3.Barclays offers up to a £3,000 interest-free overdraft.

4.Royal Bank of Scotland offers a free four year National Express coachcard giving 1/3 off coach travel as long as you sign up for online banking and paperless statements and up to £2,000 interest free, tiered by term; £500 limit in first term, £2,000 limit from second term.

5.Lloyds TSB offers the interest-free overdraft for the first three years at £1,500.

6.Halifax offers a £3,000 interest-free overdraft from year one.

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