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Landlord Rent & Legal

Rent and Legal Expenses Protection Insurance For Landlords

  • Legal Expenses/Property Disputes Insurance
  • Legal Expenses and Rent Guarantee (6 Months)
  • Legal Expenses and Rent Guarantee (12 Months)

The insurance options above are also available as policies with no excess. Please click the quote button for our online quote form or call us on 0161 772 3394 * for more information.

Rent Guarantee Insurance: What's covered

If your property is made uninhabitable for tenants, by an unforeseen event (such as a flood, fire damage, escape of water, storm etc) then this Rent Guarantee will cover the loss of rent up to a maximum of £2,500 per month and £15,000 per claim (or a maximum of 6 months’ rent, whichever is less).

Legal Expenses Insurance: What’s covered

Up to £25,000 per claim for Advisers’ costs in the event of an insured dispute between you and a tenant. For full details of what kinds of legal proceedings are included under the Legal Expenses cover, please refer to the Landlords Legal Expenses- Property Disputes Policy Wording, or call us on 0161 772 3394 *

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