Photographic Equipment Insurance

Camera and Photographic Equipment Insurance


We can insure your photographic equipment up to £5,000, on our essentials insurance policy; cameras, camera lenses and related equipment can be added under the product options on the essentials insurance policy.

The camera and photographic equipment insurance can insure:

  • Cameras and Photographic Equipment up to £5,000 in value.
    The cover also includes:
    • Public Liability Cover up to £1,000,000.
    • Accessories up to £150.
    • Replacement Equipment Hire up to £800 (£200 per week).
    • Coursework and Photographic Portfolio cover up to £250.

What is covered?

  1. Accidental damage — Repair or replacement to the same or similar specification of your insured photographic equipment if your insured photographic equipment is subject to accidental damage.
  2. Accidental loss — Replacement to the same or similar specification if your insured photographic equipment is subject to accidental loss. Where only part or parts of the photographic equipment have been lost, we will only replace that part or parts.
  3. Theft — Should your insured photographic equipment be stolen we will replace it with photographic equipment of the same or similar specification.
  4. Public Liability — We will pay up to £1,000,000, for amounts which you become legally liable to pay, including costs and expenses incurred with our written consent, in defence of a claim for damages as a result of you being in possession of your insured photographic equipment and causing:
    1. Bodily injury by accident, or
    2. damage to property happening during the period of insurance.
    We will also pay legal costs and expenses recoverable by any claimant and all costs and expenses agreed by us in writing. If you die, your legal personal representatives will have the protection of this cover for liability incurred by you.
  5. Replacement photographic equipment hire, within the United Kingdom — We will pay £200 per week up to a maximum of £800, for the cost of hiring alternative photographic equipment from a recognised reputable photographic equipment dealer whilst awaiting repair or replacement of your photographic equipment when the subject of an approved claim.
  6. Coursework/photographic portfolio cover — We will pay up to £250 in respect of costs you necessarily incur to reproduce your coursework/photographic portfolio, as a result of loss or damage caused by any of the insured events under section one, whilst in the insured address when the insured address is occupied.

Please note: the most we will pay for photographic equipment accessories is £150.

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