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24th January 2020

Wuhan China And The Novel Coronavirus

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Following the recent health concerns in Wuhan China and the novel coronavirus, cover4insurance advises keeping an eye on the following resources to check on the progress and risks.

Advice from the the government's foreign travel pages for travel to China :

"There is an ongoing outbreak of the novel coronavirus. The virus originated in Wuhan City, Hubei Province but cases have been confirmed in other parts of China. In light of the latest medical information, including reports of person-to-person transmission, and the Chinese authorities’ own advice to citizens not to travel to Wuhan unless necessary, we are now advising against all but essential travel to Wuhan city. On 23 January the Wuhan authorities closed all transport hubs including airports, railway and bus stations. Travel restrictions may be in place in other nearby cities.

Public Health England advise that if you’re making an essential visit to Wuhan, you should maintain good hand, respiratory and personal hygiene and should avoid visiting animal and bird markets or people who are ill with respiratory symptoms. Individuals should seek medical attention if they develop respiratory symptoms within 14 days of visiting Wuhan, either in China or on their return to the UK. They should phone ahead before attending any health services and mention their recent travel to the city. Additional health screening measures for travellers may be in place. For more information and advice, visit the TravelHealthPro website. We recommend that you keep up to date with local health advice."

The World Health Organisation has said:

"On 22 January, the members of the Emergency Committee expressed divergent views on whether this event constitutes a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) or not. At that time, the advice was that the event did not constitute a PHEIC, but the Committee members agreed on the urgency of the situation and suggested that the Committee should be reconvened in a matter of days to examine the situation further.

After the announcement of new containment measures in Wuhan on 22 January, the Director-General asked the Emergency Committee to reconvene on 23 January to study the information provided by Chinese authorities about the most recent epidemiological evolution and the risk-management measures taken."

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