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If you're living in a residence at the Host there is some good news; you automatically have a basic level of insurance cover in place with us. This insurance will provide a range of cover for your possessions within your accommodation such as cover for your laptop, electrical goods, clothes, sports equipment and frozen food. This insurance has been arranged by the Host with Cover4Students.

You will find a summary of the cover in the Benefits tab. We recommend that you download and read the policy schedule and policy wording; ensuring that you understand the cover provided and that it is suitable for your needs.

You may find that you need more cover than is provided already. Don't worry - there is a section below listing the range of optional top-up covers that are available. For example, you may wish to insure items outside of your accommodation such as a laptop or tablet or you may wish to add Mobile Phone Insurance (as Mobiles are excluded from the basic cover).

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By reviewing your cover you get access to our Benefits Hub where you can access discounts up to 75% off well-known brands.

Extend Your Host Cover

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Students staying with one of our accommodation providers get contents insurance automatically included. To check your cover request your policy schedule and policy wording with Cover4Insurance below.




Once registered you will be:

  • Emailed your policy documents.
  • Entered into a free prize draw with a chance of winning £500 winner to be announced in early November 2023.
  • Provided exclusive access to our Benefits Hub where you can access a huge variety of savings and discounts across many reputable retailers.
  • You will be sent a 10% discount code for our Student Possessions Insurance when this policy expires.


How Much Am I Insured For?

Your possessions are insured inside of your accommodation for up to £5,000 in total. In addition, a further £1,500 cover is provided for computer equipment (including iPads, laptops and portable computer equipment within your accommodation).

What Is Covered:

  • Personal possessions within the insured address — up to £5,000
  • Desktop computer equipment | room only — up to £1,500
  • Ipads laptops & portable computer equipment | room only — up to £1,500
  • Personal possessions from communal areas — up to £1,000

Important: You may need to extend the basic policy cover to protect your valuable items such as your mobile phone, iPod, bicycle etc if you are taking them out and about (travelling to and from university).

Extend Your Host Cover


We strongly recommend that you read the policy wording document to see a full list of the terms and conditions that apply to your policy with us. These can be downloaded from the Policy Documents tab.

What Is Not Insured:

  • The policy excess.
    • Food spoilage £10
    • Computer equipment | room only £50
    • All other sections £25
  • Lost or stolen keys (visit Student Keyprotect if you require insurance for the loss of keys).
  • Cover outside of your accommodation (unless the basic cover is extended).
  • Theft from vehicles (except where attended during transit at the beginning and end of each term).
  • Pedal cycles (unless the basic cover is extended).

Maximum Amounts Payable:

The following categories of items are subject to a maximum amount payable during the period of insurance.

  • Personal possessions single item limit — up to £1,167.
  • Desktop computer equipment — up to £1,500.
  • Ipads laptops & portable computer equipment — up to £1,500.
  • Computer accessories — up to £150.
  • Rented household goods — up to £1,250.

Your Duty of Care

You must, at all times, take all reasonable steps to prevent accidents, loss and damage.

Extend Your Host Cover


To start the claims process, please complete the correct Claims Form provided below. Before submitting your claim, please read your policy schedule to make sure you are covered and have a valid claim.

Contact Us Via:

Fill out the online claims form here:  Make A Claim

Phone: 0161 974 1101


Cover4students Claims Team,

Stream Claims Services,

Copthall House,

King Street,

Newcastle under Lyme,

ST5 1EL.

If you have a valid claim, complete appropriate claim form and return it along with:

  • Receipts, bills, valuations or repair estimates as appropriate for all claims for loss or damage.
  • Full details of accident or injury and early prognosis for personal accident claims.

All claims for theft or loss must be reported to the police.

Extend Your Host Cover

Optional Extensions

Our range of top ups allow you to insure the items that are most important to you. By offering a range of top ups you have the flexibility to chooses the covers that are most important to you, whether that is to add cover for a mobile phone or musical instruments or you just want cover for items outside your accommodation we have an option to suit you. The additional cover options available are listed below:

Policy Benefit IncludedUpgrade up to
Personal Possessions £5,000£12,000
Computer Equipment £1,500£4,500
Vacation Cover No£5,000
Course Fees and Rent Cover No£20,000
Criminal Assault No£500
Legal Expenses No£30,000
Accidental Damage No£5,000
Personal Accident No£50,000
Landlords Property | Tenants Liability No£5,000
Accidental Damage To Landlords Property | Tenant's Liability No£10,000
Mobile Phones | Anywhere in the UK
(plus up to 60 days Worldwide)
Pedal Cycles | Anywhere in the UK
(plus up to 60 days in Europe)
Digital Download No£1,000
Exam and Coursework Cover No£250
Photographic Equipment | Anywhere in the UK
(plus up to 60 days Worldwide)
Musical Instruments | Anywhere in the UK No£3,000
Excess Protection Insurance No£1,000
Specified Items | Anywhere within the UK
(plus up to 60 days Worldwide)
Unspecified Items | Anywhere within the UK
(plus up to 60 days Worldwide)
International Student Repatriation No£5,000

Please note that your policy will expire when you move out of your student accommodation or when your Master Policy expires, whichever is sooner. Any extensions you make will also expire with the Master Policy.

Extend Your Host Cover

Why Extend My Cover?

In order to help you decide if you need to top up your cover, we have devised a few standard questions:

  1. Do you take possessions outside of your accommodation, (Such as iPods, digital cameras, laptops, iPads etc.)?
    If yes, you need to look at either the 'Specified Items' or 'Unspecified Items' section.
    • For 'Specified Items' you will need to list the item (s) and value (s) up to a maximum of £3,000.
    • For 'Unspecified Items' you can cover personal possessions up to £4,000 in total with a single item limit of £500.
    • Please note that musical & orchestral instruments, pedal cycles and mobile phones cannot be covered under these sections as separate cover sections are available for these items.
  2. Is your computer equipment worth more than £1,500?
    If yes, you can extend the cover, up to £3,000 by selecting the computer equipment top-up.
  3. Do you require accidental damage cover?
    Accidental damage cover is excluded from the standard cover.
    An Accidental Damage extension is available, which will cover your Audio equipment, Computer Equipment, Camera Equipment, Games Consoles, Television, Video and DVD players against accidental damage whilst within the accommodation.
    Please note that accidental damage cover is automatically included for the following items where a top-up has been purchased:
    • Mobile Phone.
    • Pedal Cycles.
    • Musical Instruments.
    • Photographic Equipment.
    • Items listed under the "Specified Items | Cover Anywhere Within the UK" section.
    • Items insured under the "Unspecified Items | Cover Anywhere Within the UK" section.
  4. Do you require cover for your pedal cycle?
    If yes, you will need to select the pedal cycle extension. This extension will cover your pedal cycle for theft or accidental damage anywhere within the UK up to £3,000.
  5. Do you require cover for your mobile phone outside your accommodation?
    If yes, you will need to select the mobile phone extension. This extension will cover your mobile phone for theft or accidental damage anywhere within the UK up to £1,000.
  6. Do you require cover for your Course Fees?
    We offer a Tuition Fees and Rental Protection cover which will cover the cost of your tuition fees or rent if you're medically unable to continue studying your course through sickness or injury up to £20,000.

It is important that you understand that when you extend your cover you are taking out an individual insurance policy in addition to being covered under your University’s/Accommodation Provider’s Block Halls insurance policy.

Extend Your Host Cover