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If you're living in halls of residence provided through the University of Sheffield there is some good news; you automatically have a basic level of insurance cover in place with us. This insurance will provide a range of cover for your possessions within your accommodation such as cover for your laptop, electrical goods, clothes, sports equipment and frozen food. This insurance has been arranged by the University of Sheffield with Cover4Students.

You will find a summary of the cover in the tabs. We recommend that you download and read the policy schedule and policy wording; ensuring that you understand the cover provided and that it is suitable for your needs.

You may find that you need more cover than is already arranged by the University of Sheffield. Don't worry — there is a tab above listing the range of 'Optional Extensions' that are available. For example, you may wish to insure items outside of your accommodation such as a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

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How Much Am I Insured For?

Your possessions are insured whilst inside your accommodation for up to £7,500 in total. In addition, a further £2,500 cover is provided for computer equipment (including laptops) within your accommodation. If you’re a university staff member; possessions are insured whilst inside your accommodation (in standard or family units), for up to £7,500 in total. For family properties and disabled students, possessions cover is increased to £8,500. The cover limit of £2,500 for computer equipment is also extended to £4,000 for disabled students.

  • Personal possessions — up to £7,500 in total.
  • Computer equipment — up to £2,500 in total, extended to £4,000 if you are registered as disabled.
  • Landlord’s property — up to £5,000 for theft or fire damage.
  • In direct transit at the beginning and end of each university term — up to £7,500.
  • In university designated storage during vacations — up to £7,500 for theft from forcible entry.
  • Library books/University property on loan — up to £750, extended to £1,000 if you are registered as disabled..
  • Replacement locks & keys — up to £500, following damage resulting from burglary.
    This cover does not include lost keys; visit Keycare if you require insurance for lost keys.
  • Rented household goods — up to £1,250.
  • Personal money — up to £100, for theft from your room following forcible entry.
  • Credit/debit card fraud — up to £500, for theft from your room following forcible entry.
  • Personal accident — up to £50,000, on a scale of benefits.
  • Accidental death of a financially supporting parent or guardian — up to £5,000.
  • Legal liability — up to £1,000,000 for injury to others or their property.
  • Food spoilage — up to £75, following the mechanical failure of fridge/freezer.
  • Mobile phone — up to £750, for theft following forcible entry.
  • Damage to clothing — up to £350, for damage caused by faulty laundry equipment.
  • Musical instruments - up to £1,250 in total. 
  • Personal possessions from communal areas — up to £1,000.
  • Contact Lenses — up to £150.

Important: You may need to extend the basic policy cover to protect your valuable items such as your mobile phone, iPod, bicycle etc. if you are taking them out and about (travelling to and from university). You can view these extensions in the 'Optional Extensions' tab above. 

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We strongly recommend that you read the policy wording document to see a full list of the terms and conditions that apply to your policy with us. These can be downloaded from the Claims tab.

What Is Not Insured:

  • The first £25 of any loss (this is reduced to £10 for food spoilage claims).
  • Cover outside of your accommodation (unless the basic cover is extended).
  • Lost or stolen keys (visit Student Keycare if you require insurance for the loss of keys).
  • Theft from vehicles (except when attended during transit at the beginning and end of each university term).
  • Pedal cycles (unless the basic cover is extended). Please note that the University does not accept any liability for pedal cycles which are damaged or stolen whilst on university grounds.

Maximum Amounts Payable:

The following categories of items are subject to a maximum amount payable during the period of insurance.

  • Personal possessions single item limit — £1,250.
  • Computer equipment — up to £2,500 in total.
  • Clothing single item limit — up to £350 in total.
  • Audio equipment, video/DVD players & other data playing equipment — up to £1,250 in total.
  • Photographic equipment — up to £1,250 in total.
  • Jewellery, watches and other valuables — up to £1,250 in total.
  • Computer games, CDs, DVDs, videos and records — up to £600 in total.
  • Sports equipment — up to £1,250 in total.

Your Duty of Care

You must, at all times, take all reasonable steps to prevent accidents, loss and damage.

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If you purchase a Top Up Cover to your Blockhalls Insurance from Cover4Students, we will send you an email confirming your purchase of cover and provide you with your personal policy schedule, policy wording and key facts documents.

You will also have the option for a printed copy to be sent via post subject to an additional postage premium being paid.

We also provide the option below for you to view and download the Master Policy Schedule, Policy Wording and Key Facts documents so that you can view prior to purchase or at any time after.

How to view the policy documents:

The policy documents are available as PDFs. To view these documents you will need a PDF reader. Download Adobe Reader from the Adobe website or visit Access Adobe for help.

To view your documents, please click on the links below.

Policies For The Year: 2020—21Policies For The Year: 2019—20
Adobe PDF Master Policy Schedule (310KB)(236KB) Master Policy Schedule Adobe PDF
Adobe PDF Policy Wording (420KB)(420KB) Policy Wording Adobe PDF
Purchased after the 01/02/2020
(409KB) Policy Wording Adobe PDF
Purchased before the 01/02/2020
Adobe PDF Policy IPID (56KB)(56KB) Policy IPID Adobe PDF
Insurance Product Information Document.
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To start the claims process, please complete the correct Claims Form provided below. Before submitting your claim, please read your policy schedule to make sure you are covered and have a valid claim.

Fill out the online claims form here: Claims form

Phone: 0161 974 1101


Cover4students Claims Team,

Stream Claims Services,

Copthall House,

King Street,

Newcastle under Lyme,

ST5 1EL.

If you have a valid claim complete the form and return it along with:

  • Receipts, bills, valuations or repair estimates as appropriate for all claims for loss or damage.
  • Full details of accident or injury and early prognosis for personal accident claims.

All claims for theft or loss must be reported to the police within 24 hours.

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Optional Extensions

Our range of top ups allow you to insure the items that are most important to you; Mobile Phones, Cameras, Watches, Jewellery etc outside your accommodation which are not covered under your existing basic policy. The additional cover options available are listed below:


Policy BenefitIncludedUpgrade up to
Personal Possessions
Computer Equipment
Course Fees and Rent Cover
Criminal Assault
Legal Expenses
Accidental Damage
Mobile Phones | Anywhere within the UK
Pedal Cycles | Anywhere within the UK
Digital Download
Exam and Coursework Cover
Musical Instruments | Anywhere within the UK
Excess Protection Insurance
Specified Items | Anywhere within the UK
Unspecified Items | Anywhere within the UK
Photographic Equipment | Anywhere within the UKNo£5,000
Extra Covers For International Students

International Student Repatriation

Cover | Burial Costs Or Body Repatriation

International Student Repatriation Cover

 | Emergency Repatriation Of The Insured


Please note that your policy will expire when you move out of your student accommodation or when your Master Policy expires, whichever is sooner. Any extensions you make will also expire with the Master Policy.

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Why Extend My Cover?

In order to help you decide if you need to top up your cover, we have devised a few standard questions:

  1. Are your total possessions worth more than £7,500 (excluding computer equipment)?
    If yes, you can extend the cover up to £9,000 by selecting the personal possessions top up.
  2. Do you take possessions outside of your accommodation? (Such as iPods, digital cameras, laptops, iPads etc.)
    If yes, you need to look at either the 'Specified Items' or 'Unspecified Items' section.
    • For 'Specified Items' you will need to list the item (s) and value (s) up to a maximum of £3,000.
    • For 'Unspecified Items' you can cover personal possessions up to £4,000 in total with a single item limit of £500.
    Please note that musical & orchestral instruments, photographic equipment, pedal cycles and mobile phones cannot be covered under these sections as separate cover sections are available for these items.
  3. Is your computer equipment worth more than £2,500?
    If yes, you can extend the cover up to £4,000 by selecting the computer equipment top up.
  4. Do you require accidental damage cover?
    Accidental damage cover is excluded from the standard cover.
    An 'Accidental Damage' extension is available which will cover your 'Audio equipment, Computer Equipment, Games Consoles, Television, Video and DVD players against accidental damage whilst within the accommodation.
    Please note that accidental damage cover is automatically included for the following items where a top up has been purchased:
    • Mobile Phone
    • Pedal Cycles
    • Musical Instruments
    • Photographic Equipment
    • Items listed under the "Specified Items | Cover Anywhere Within the UK" section
    • Items insured under the "Unspecified Items | Cover Anywhere Within the UK" section
  5. Do you require cover for your pedal cycle?
    If yes, you will need to select the pedal cycle extension. This extension will cover your pedal cycle for theft or accidental damage anywhere within the UK up to £1,000.
  6. Is your pedal cycle worth more than £1,000?
    If yes, we can cover your pedal cycle up to £3,000 via our separate standalone pedal cycle product. To get a quote or for more information please click here.
  7. Do you require cover for your mobile phone outside your accommodation?
    If yes, you will need to select mobile phone extension. This extension will cover your mobile phone for theft or accidental damage anywhere within the UK up to £1,000.
  8. Do you require cover for your Course Fees?
    We offer a Tuition Fees and Rental Protection cover which will cover the cost of your tuition fees or rent if you're medically unable to continue studying your course through sickness or injury up to £20,000.

It is important that you understand that when you extend your cover you are taking out an individual insurance policy in addition to being covered under your University’s/Accommodation Provider’s Block Halls insurance policy.

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Not in Halls?

If you are a student at the University of Sheffield but won't be living in accommodation managed by them this year, you won't be covered by this scheme.

However, we're offering a 10% off our Student Possessions Insurance for University of Sheffield students who are living in private accommodation. Just click on the link below where the 10% discount will be applied:


If you're a former University of Sheffield student or have graduated and would still like cover for your personal possessions and contents, we can also offer 10% off our tenant insurance. Just click the link below for a quote, the discount will be applied automatically:


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