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19th February 2019

Now You're A Student What Next?

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How Do I Get Financial Assistance?

Why Do I Need Insurance?

As a student away from home, you need insurance to help protect you against the trials of life, such as accidents or malicious intent, could you afford to replace all of your valuables: laptop, jewellery, phone etc, if they were stolen or completely destroyed in an accident, such as a fire? Insurance can't prevent these things from happening, but is there to help you get your life back to normal, as quickly as possible. To protect your possessions and yourself please contact us by using the link below.


Security Tips!

  • When leaving your home, always make sure you lock up properly, securing both windows and doors.
  • Put your valuables away and out of sight of the windows, if you're leaving them behind, when you go out.
  • Try to create an illusion of occupancy, when you're out, by leaving a radio on and the use of automatic switches on table lamps randomly turning them on and off.
  • When returning home especially late at night use the well-lit and well used route and avoid dimly lit so called "short cuts". Whenever possible try to be accompanied by someone you trust.
  • Always use a registered taxi that you have booked yourself, never get into a car that claims to be a taxi and is soliciting for business on the roadside, the only taxis you can flag down are registered Hackney Cabs (black cabs).
  • When travelling alone on a bus sit down stairs as close to the driver as possible, on trains avoid sitting in empty coaches.
  • When carrying a shoulder bag, use the strap properly and put it over your head and onto the opposite shoulder, making sure the flap is turned into your body, similarly with other long strapped items, such as cameras, put the strap over your head.

Security is necessary and essential, living in a modern world, as is a good insurance policy. To arrange an insurance policy, please use the link below.


What Can I Do To Help My Future Career Prospects?

We all know how busy and exciting, starting at a new college or university is, but take a few minutes to consider what career you are working towards. Academic qualifications are admirable and fine to look at, but if you have practical and people skills to back them up it increases their effectiveness tenfold, rendering you more attractive to potential employers.

How to achieve this transformation in your employability is simple. Find part time work to help finance your student lifestyle and give you practical experience in the workplace. If you can find employment in the field you are interested in all the better, although any experience is an advantage from bar and catering to hotel and shop work. Voluntary work is also an avenue worth considering. A temporary job during the summer is also a good way to gain both financially and in experience.

While you're out, gaining valuable experience and earning wages or when you're out enjoying yourself, you need the peace of mind that only a good insurance policy can provide.

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