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17th January 2019

Tips On How To Write A Covering Letter

Top 10 Tips On How To Write A Covering Letter

Attaching a CV to a document and pressing send is not going to impress an employer. A covering letter is a chance to really sell yourself and provide some detailed information about why you want the position.

Here are some tips of what to include in your cover letter:

  1. Show knowledge of the job and that you understand the advertised position.
  2. Refer to the job requirements in your letter linking your skills into the required skills for the job.
  3. Add some details about the company; this shows that you have researched the company and that you are a serious candidate. Facts and figures and why you want to work for the company are all useful.
  4. Ensure you address the letter to the correct person, if you are unsure give them a quick call and ask who you should address it to.
  5. Introduce yourself and state the position you are applying for, and where you found the position advertised.
  6. Counteract problems you have encountered and how you dealt with them in a positive way.
  7. Show that you are willing to learn and are easily adaptable to various situations.
  8. Explain any time gaps in your career, what you did and learnt.
  9. State your availability for an interview.
  10. Keep it too one side of A4 paper.

Remember an employer is going to read hundreds of applications, so make sure you give the strongest account of yourself!

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