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27th February 2019

Advice for Parents whose child is off to University

Parents are often wondering if their child possessions are covered under their own household insurance policy when they go to University.

Students going to University have many valuables that need insuring, such as:

  • Laptops/Tablets.
  • TVs.
  • Cameras.
  • DVDs.
  • Mobile Phones.
  • Pedal Cycles.
  • Cars/Motorbikes.

Parents should check with their own home insurance policy to see if they have or can add cover for their son or daughter while they are at university.

To help do this we have wrote a few handy tips for the parents & the student to follow below:

Top tips

  1. Make an inventory of the students’ possessions.
  2. Ensure the policy covers these items while in student accommodation; you should advice your insurance provider of your move to University.
  3. Check if items are covered for accidental damage (e.g. If you dropped your mobile phone).
  4. Check whether items are covered while outside the accommodation, (e.g., is your laptop fully insured if it's stolen or damaged away from the accommodation).
  5. If the car belongs to your parents, does the car insurer know that you are now the user and that the vehicle is being kept at a separate address (your university address). Get car insurance 
  6. If the student is only going to be using the car for a weekend – you could check for temporary car insurance.
  7. Tell your insurer you are in shared accommodation and don’t leave items in communal areas in full view of your room mates.
  8. Staying in halls – always lock your door even if you are only popping out for a moment.
  9. Make sure you are not under-insured – Student possessions often exceed £3,000 as text books can be expensive plus that jewellery you got for your 18th / 21st birthday, plus your laptop, tablet etc.
  10. Ask your insurers are there any other options that could be added to your parent’s insurance.
  11. Bicycles are often excluded and you will need to ask your home insurer specifically about covering them or you can insure them under a separate specialist bicycle insurance policy.
  12. Possessions are often excluded if stolen from an unattended vehicle; so unload that car as soon as you arrive at University.
  13. Compare the cost with a specialist student insurer such as Cover4students. The specialist insurer often offers covers that your household cover can’t such as no lock requirements on your individual doors, automatically cover you in shared accommodation, excess can be lower, plus offer cover for your landlords’ property.

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