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29th August 2019

Moving To University And Meeting New People

Moving to University can be both stressful and very nerve wrecking. However it is also a chance to meet lots of new people and develop your own life experience. University offers many excellent opportunities and the chance to become much more independent. Unfortunately the main benefits cannot be achieved until you have moved in and started the journey. Moving in can be quite daunting, however not if you know how. Below are the top 10 tips for moving in at University.

Top Tips For Moving In At University

  • When moving day arrives, get there early and get in the dreaded queue for your keys. That way you can be fully prepared and it will not take you days to move in.
  • When unpacking your possessions, leave your door open, that way people will be aware of you and that you actually exist. Also it makes you look approachable and welcoming.

  • Try and set up your possessions like computers and TV’s. Play some music quietly it could be a conversation starter with flat mates.
  • Try and put photos from home up on the walls, also posters or calendars can make your room feel more homely.
  • Once you have unpacked, if you immediately become friendly with someone, go around together and knock on other students doors to meet people. It will be a lot less nerve wrecking meeting people with a friend there.
  • If you do not meet a friend immediately there is no need to worry. Your flat mates could be shy, or just prefer to be alone. Surprisingly, a life outside your flat awaits you. Get out there and meet a host of other people.
  • When walking around your halls keep smiling and always look like you would be easy to talk too. Also even when walking around just saying ‘hi’ to people can help you meet new friends.

  • Be sure to attend as many social events as you can during the fresher’s period. Also sign up to any clubs you want to join. By doing all these additional extras, you could feel settled within your first week.
  • Keep up these tips throughout the whole year, do not stop talking to people or attending events because fresher’s week is over.
  • Be sure to make sure your bed is always made and ready to sleep in. With all these exhausting activities you will need a good rest. 

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