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16th February 2023

Starting Uni: Guide for the Parents

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Three Students

Helping your child settle into University and life away from home can be a tough balancing act. While you need to grant them the independence to learn how to look after themselves, you don’t want to leave them feeling daunted and unable to cope with the stresses of living away for the first time.

Before the time comes to pack all their things into the boot of your car, it’s a good idea to help them write a checklist of things they’ll need. As they’re not used to living by themselves there’s no doubt a few things that’ll be forgotten; though the first few weeks will be busy, they’ll undoubtedly find the time to pick up any odd items they forgot to bring.

Another important part of the time leading up to them starting university is preparing to let go. It can be a tough time for students and parents alike and while you can provide them with support by being on the other end of the phone, you can no longer make decisions for them or know about everything that goes on in their lives.

University is probably the first time your son or daughter will have to manage their finances. This is often a steep learning curve, but sites like www.moneysavingexpert.com/students/ can help them stretch their student budget further.

Making sure they take with them the basics is a good way to help them cope with the first few weeks at University. Busy making friends, going out, finding their way around and attending their first lectures and tutorials can mean your son or daughter might not find much time to purchase the things they discover they need.

How a student will feed themselves is a worry for many parents, even if the student’s first year is in catered accommodation, at some point they will have to cook themselves meals regularly. If your child has never cooked for the family before, it’s a good idea to introduce them to recipes and help them cook some basic dishes in the few months before they go away; a cookbook is a great present and there are many which are written specifically for students.

Your kids are flying the nest. So it's party time right? Time to take some time for yourself; do all the things and see all the places you've been looking forward to for years? In reality it can be a sad experience.

Going away to university is often a daunting time for both student and parent alike, hopefully making all the appropriate preparations will make it easier on you both so that starting university will be a positive experience for you both.


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