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If you're living in aparto student accommodation there is some good news; you automatically have a basic level of insurance cover in place with us. This insurance will provide a range of cover for your possessions within your accommodation such as cover for your laptop, electrical goods, clothes, sports equipment and frozen food. this insurance has been arranged by aparto student accommodation with Cover4Students.

You will find a summary of the cover below. we recommend that you download and read the policy schedule and policy wording; ensuring that you understand the cover provided and that it is suitable for your needs.

You may find that you need more cover than is provided already. don't worry – there is a section below listing the range of optional top up covers that are available. for example, you may wish to insure items outside of your accommodation such as a laptop or tablet or you may wish to add mobile phone insurance.

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How Much Am I Insured For?

Your possessions are insured inside of your accommodation for up to €5,000 in total . In addition a further €750 cover is provided for desktop computer equipment within your accommodation and €750 for laptops and tablets within your accommodation.

What Is Covered:

  • Personal possessions within the insured address — up to €5,000.
  • Replacement locks & keys — up to €250.
  • Adesktop computer equipment| room only — up to €750.
  • Bipads laptops & portable computer equipment | room only — up to €750.
  • Rental protection — up to €500.
  • Personal accident — up to €15,000.
  • College | university property on loan — up to €500.
  • Landlords property |tenants liability — up to €5,000.
  • Accidental death, injury or illness of a financially supporting parent or Guardian — up to €10,000
  • Mobile phone | room only — up to €250.
  • Pedal cycles on university campus only — up to €500.


We strongly recommend that you read the policy wording document to see a full list of the terms and conditions that apply to your policy with us. These can be downloaded from thePolicy Documents / How to Claim tabs .

What Is Not Insured:

  • The first €50 of any claim.
  • Cover outside your accommodation.
  • Theft from motor vehicles (except where attended during transit at the beginning and end of each term).
  • Pedal cycles.
  • Contact lenses.

Maximum Amounts Payable:

The following categories of items are subject to a maximum amount payable during the period of insurance.

  • Personal possessions single item limit – €1,000.
  • Desktop computer equipment – up to €750 in total.
  • Laptops and portable computers - up to €750 in total.
  • Collection of CDs, DVDs & other data carrying media - up to €1,000 in total.

Your Duty of Care

You must, at all times, take all reasonable steps to prevent accidents, loss and damage.


How to view the policy documents

You can access the documents by following the links below. Please contact us if you cannot view them.

Policies For The Year 2022–23Policies For The Year: 2021—22
Adobe PDF Master Policy Schedule (168KB)(177KB) Master Policy Schedule Adobe PDF
Adobe PDF Policy Wording (443KB) (445KB) Policy Wording Adobe PDF
Adobe PDF Policy IPID (169KB) (400KB) Policy IPID Adobe PDF
Insurance Product Information Document.


How to Claim

To start the claims process, please complete the correct Claims Form provided below. Before submitting your claim, please read your policy schedule to make sure you are covered and have a valid claim.

Fill out the online claims form here: Claims Form

Phone: +44 (0) 161 974 1101


Cover4students Claims Team,

Stream Claims Services,

Copthall House,

King Street,

Newcastle under Lyme,

ST5 1EL.

If you have a valid claim obtain a claim form from cover4students.com. Complete and return it along with:

  • Receipts, bills, valuations or repair estimates as appropriate for all claims for loss or damage.
  • Full details of accident or injury and early prognosis for personal accident claims.

All claims for theft or loss must be reported to the police.

Telephone 01 207 5110

Conditions that apply to the policy and in the event of a claim are set out in your policy booklet. It is important that you comply with all policy conditions and you should familiarise yourself with any requirements. Directions for claim notification are included under claims conditions. Please be aware that events that may give rise to a claim under the insurance must be notified as soon as possible although there are some situations where immediate notice is required. Further guidance is contained in the policy booklet.

Claims conditions require you to provide us with any assistance and evidence that we require concerning the cause and value of any claim. Ideally, as part of the initial notification, you will provide:

  • Your name, address, and your home and mobile telephone numbers
  • Personal details necessary to confirm your identity
  • Policy number
  • The date of the incident
  • The cause of the loss or damage
  • Details of the loss or damage together with claim value if known
  • Police details where applicable
  • Names and addresses of any other parties involved or responsible for the incident (including details of injuries) and addresses of any witnesses.

This information will enable us to make an initial evaluation on policy liability and claim value. We may, however, request additional information depending upon circumstances and value, which may include the following:

  • Original purchase receipts, invoices, instruction booklets or photographs
  • Purchase dates and location of lost or damaged property
  • For damaged property, confirmation from a suitably qualified expert that the item you are claiming for is beyond repair

Sometimes we may wish to meet with you to discuss the circumstances of the claim, to inspect the damage, or to undertake further investigations. Where we can offer repair or replacement through a preferred supplier but on request, we agree to pay our customer a cash settlement, then payment will normally not exceed the amount we would have paid our preferred supplier.

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