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Personal Cyber Protection Insurance

Cyber Crime

Cybercrime, or crime undertaken online via means of a computer or the internet, is now one of the fastest growing crimes in the UK. In a world dominated by technology, crime is changing and the threat of cyber-crime is increasing.

What is cyber-crime?

  • Hacking.
  • Phishing.
  • Cyber bullying / defamation.
  • Online Fraud.
  • Kidnap / Ransomware.
  • Fake Sellers.
  • Eligibility.

    Who can take out this cover?

    • To benefit from this policy your main residence must be situated in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales. The person who has taken out this policy must be at least 18 years of age.

    Who will the policy cover?

    • The policy will cover you (as the insured person) plus, your married or civil partner, children and parents, who all permanently live with the policyholder at home. For the avoidance of any doubt, children up to the age of 22 who are studying away at college or university during term time and who return to the home during holidays will for the purposes of this insurance be treated as permanently residing.

    NB: Anyone eligible to claim under this policy must have the policyholder’s consent to do so, except for claims arising under section 1 – Cyber bullying or defamation.

    What does our personal cyber protection policy cover?

    • Cyber bullying or defamation – up to £2,500 per claim.
    • Insured data recovery – up to £2,500 per claim.
    • Online sales fraud – up to £2,500 per claim.
    • Online shopping fraud – up to £2,500 per claim.
    Optional cover:
    • Online theft of personal funds – up to £10,000 per claim.

    Personal Cyber Insurance Explained

    Loss from cyber bullying or defamation
    This element of cover provides reimbursement of your financial loss following a specialist service provider removing online material relevant to cyber bullying or defamation. A claim example of this kind may include a pupil at a school taking photographs and sharing images of those children on the internet.

    Recovery of insured data
    Reimbursement of financial loss is provided for a specialist service provider when they attempt to resolve impairment of a computer system or alternatively, recover lost insured data arising from the unauthorised electronic actions of a third party or malware. A claim example of this kind may include receiving a virus or ransomware on a computer that prevents access to the data stored on it's hard drive.

    Online sales fraud
    This section of cover reimburses the loss of transactions which a person has been dishonestly induced to enter by a third party. This may include delivering (or arranging the delivery of) goods for which payment is not received within a reasonable time. A claims example of this nature may include a person selling a computer online and shipping it believing electronic payment will be received. The payment is never made and funds are never obtained.

    Online shopping fraud
    Cover for online shopping fraud offers the reimbursement of transaction losses obtained when a person has been dishonestly induced to complete by a third party through electronic means of purchasing goods or services. They are not delivered/provided within a reasonable time and the date by which delivery or provision was agreed or expected has elapsed. For example a pair of trainers have been brought online. They fail to arrive with 14 days after the delivery date and the seller refuses to rearrange delivery, or reimburse the individual because the seller is a scammer, a claim could be made because the policy will support the reimbursement of the cost of the trainers.

    Online theft of personal funds
    Protection against online theft of personal funds would reimburse the financial loss from any unauthorised transactions suffered from the theft of an individual's personal funds by a third party. This may include unauthorised online use of your payment cards, unauthorised access to your online bank account and/or unauthorised access to your online wallet.

    An example may include a person being tricked by a phishing scam and the scammers using the bank details to steal the person's money through online banking. The policy will support reimbursement if the bank will not.

    Types Of Cyber Crime/Jargon

    • Cyber-bullying

      A common form of bullying which occurs online or via smartphones or tablets.

    • Cyber Stalking

      The act of repeatedly sending messages that include threats of harm, harassment or intimidation.

    • Identity Fraud

      When personal details are stolen and then used to commit fraud.

    • Phishing

      Bogus emails are sent asking for security information and personal details.

    • Trojan Horse

      A hostile computer program that will attempt to hack a computer by misleading a person of its true content.

    • Ransomware

      Malicious software which encrypts data or locks a person out of their device in exchange for a fee.

    • Webcam Manager

      When criminals take control of your webcam without consent.

    • Key-logging

      When criminal record what keys are repeatedly used on a keyboard to gain fraudulent access to passwords and confidential information.

    • Smishing

      An activity where criminals use an SMS to trick a person into providing personal or banking details.

    Types Of Cover

    1. Cyber bullying or defamation may include:
      A pupil at your child’s school takes and shares embarrassing images of your child on the internet
      1. We will support you to request the removal of such content, involving lawyers if necessary.
      2. We will reimburse the first 10 hours of therapy given to your child by a specialist if you determine they need it after suffering such an incident.
    2. Recovering insured data:
      You receive a virus or ransomware that prevents access to the data on your computer.
      1. Our specialist will attempt to restore your computer to a functioning state where removal of the virus is possible.
      2. Or restore the latest back up you have if available; or recover as much of your data as possible which you can then load on to a computer of your choice.
    3. Online sales fraud may include:
      You sell a laptop online and ship the item reasonably believing you will receive electronic payment for it which never reaches your bank account.
      1. If you are unsuccessful in recovering the laptop or payment from the buyer or platform we will reimburse you the agreed purchase price.
      2. You must prove the agreed sales price and the fact that the item was successfully shipped.
    4. Online shopping fraud may include:
      You bought a pair of shoes online. If they fail to arrive 14 days after the delivery date and the seller refuses to rearrange delivery or reimburse you because they seller is a scammer.
      1. We will reimburse you the cost of the shoes
      2. If the goods arrive or the seller or bank subsequently reimburses you, you must reimburse us.
    5. Theft of personal funds may include:
      You are tricked by a phishing scam and the scammers use your bank details to steal your money through online banking, we will reimburse you if the bank will not.
      If someone uses your debit card details online, we will reimburse you if the bank will not.

    How To Claim

    If you need to make a claim under the "Personal Cyber Protection Policy" , you must telephone the helpline service as soon as you become aware of any incident or circumstance and in any event, you need to do so within 60 days of you becoming aware.

    Call: 0333 400 0348 

    You can contact the UK based helpline service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The claims administrator will provide you with guidance over the phone and advise what happens next.

    Please note that the claims administrator may need access to your computer system for claims verification and recovery of data purposes.

    To help the claims administrator check and improve their service standards, they record all inbound and outbound calls.

    When telephoning the helpline service, please quote the following scheme reference number: 06653A when prompted to do so by the claims administrator. If you unable to quote the scheme reference number, this may result in your claim being delayed.

    To contact the helpline service, simply call 0333 400 0348. Calls to this number are charged at the local rate.

    Please only contact the helpline service number above if you wish to report a claim under your Personal Cyber Protection policy.

    Do not use this helpline service to report an insurance claim under any other insurance policy you may have. The helpline service will not be able to help you with this.

    If you have a query concerning your policy cover, or a change in your circumstances, you should contact the insurance intermediary who sold you this policy.

    Claims conditions

    You must:

    1. Take all reasonable steps and precautions to prevent further loss covered by your policy;
    2. Co-operate with the claims administrator and us and provide all information needed by the claims administrator to investigate your claim;
    3. Provide the claims administrator with the details of any other insurances you may have which may cover all or part of the loss covered by this policy;
    4. Provide evidence that you sought to recover your financial loss relating to your claim from a third party, bank or financial institution that may be responsible for refunding all or part of the loss and advise the claims administrator if you make a recovery from any of these;
    5. Agree to assign your rights to us to pursue a claim and/or control any proceedings which are brought against a third party to recoup all or some of the payments made under this policy following a claim being made;
    6. Allow us to recover from you any payments made by us following a claim being made where you subsequently recover from a third party, bank or finance institution;
    7. For claims under section 2 – Recovery of insured data, make provision to back up insured data at least monthly, even if such provision has failed to operate effectively.

    Policy Documents

    It’s important that you read the Personal Cyber Insurance Policy Documents to make sure you understand exactly what’s covered, with our personal cyber insurance insurance policy.

    You can find out more about personal cyber insurance insurance in the documents below which you will also receive when you purchase our personal cyber insurance.

    Policy Documents:

    Adobe PDF Policy Wording (880KB)

    Adobe PDF Standard Cover Key Facts (348KB)

    Adobe PDF Reduced Cover Key Facts (343KB)


    I am looking for cover for a retired couple for cyber insurance do you do this?

    Yes, to take out this policy you must be 18 years of age or older (which you will both be as you are retired) with your main residence being in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales.

    The policy will also cover you plus, your married or civil partner, children and parents, who all permanently live with the policyholder at home. Meaning it will cover you both as a retired couple.

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