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Study Abroad

Students Travelling Abroad To Study

If you're a student studying abroad you'll need insurance to cover your property and medical expenses whilst away from the UK.F.A.Q's

Cover Includes:

  • Emergency medical expenses & repatriation cover – 24hrs a day 365 days per year.
  • Course / tuition fees covered.
  • You can make unlimited return trips with the premier plus policy (limited to 2 return trips with the standard and premier products), back to your home in the UK/Republic of Ireland, during the insured period for up to 21 days at a time.
  • Personal possessions cover.
  • We offer 3 different cover types Standard, Premier and Premier Plus so that you can choose the cover that best suits your needs.
  • Extend cover to include cover for your laptop computers.
  • You can extend the cover to cover certain sports scholarships.
    Type of scholarship
    Athletics scholarship
    Basketball scholarship
    Football/Soccer scholarship
    Golf scholarship
    Handball scholarship


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Watching your children flee the nest is a tough time for any parent. There is usually conflict between the urge to protect them and ensuring they are well prepared; and the need to grant them their autonomy and cut (or loosen) the apron strings. Moving away from home for the first time and living in a different city incurs a speedy learning curve for most students. However an increasing number are choosing to study abroad as part of their degree and this presents new challenges that can be daunting for student and parent alike.

The Erasmus Programme has been funding students to go abroad since 1987 and in recent years, has seen a surge of interest from UK students. It appears that more students are beginning to appreciate the benefits that studying outside of the UK: not only does it offer experience of another culture, but it is also a great way to enhance the student’s CV. In an increasingly competitive job market, the guts, the proficiency in another language, a broadened cultural awareness and capacity to get on with different people that come with living in another country, are all valuable qualities that can set a student apart and are good first steps in the direction of an international career.

Though Erasmus students do not pay tuition fees to their host university, and fees at their home university are often minimal; for many students financial concerns are an obstacle when considering applying to go away. Living on a budget can be a challenge for any student and those in a foreign country without insider knowledge of how to live cheaply may find managing their finances difficult. Plus there are plenty of other worries from how to find safe accommodation out there to what to do about health care. For parents who don’t want to interfere, but want to know that their child is covered should something go wrong; Cover 4 Travel have developed an insurance policy especially designed for UK students studying abroad. The policies include trips back home, personal possessions, laptops and cover for course fees that traditional travel insurance policies exclude.

Michael Masterson, client services manager at Cover4Travel said: When you are in an unfamiliar country you are more vulnerable than when you are at home. Students who go to study abroad often take valuable items with them and can be a target for thieves, especially when they first arrive. Some travel policies can cover personal possessions to a certain amount but are designed mainly for people going on holiday; if you’re son or daughter is going away for months, you want to know that they have the right cover in place and that if something goes wrong you don’t need to worry.

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Grade refers to the Hazardous Sports & Activities Grades which you must select to cover the type of sports scholarship you are receiving.